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[Beauty Treatment Review] Shou Slimming’s Oriental Wellness Programme, Where East Meets West

Shou Slimming introduces its Oriental Wellness Programme, a sixteen-session course combining Eastern massage techniques with key Western technologies in a series of custom massage and aesthetic treatments. The series of massage sessions with medical-grade aesthetic technology, accelerates the lymphatic drainage and body rejuvenation while providing a comfortable treatment focused on pressure point therapy for relief.
Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of respecting pressure points along the nervous system (called Meridians), the Wellness programme focuses on relieving the pressure along these Meridians. With 12 principal Meridians covering the body’s nervous system from head to toe Shou Slimming’s Oriental Wellness Programme focuses on increasing overall well-being to improve general health. Working through the different pressure points, muscle aches and sores are relieved. Combined with the Meridian flow-inducing massage and cupping, the entire treatment aims not to just relieve temporary muscle aches but also to go right down to the root of the problem by improving blood circulation in the body.
In addition, as part of the overall Wellness Programme, three key medical aesthetic technologies will be used to further the TCM’s pressure point effects. These Western aesthetic treatments, which are LPG Endermologie, Softlight and the fusion East-West M9 magnetic therapy, enhance the effects of the Eastern healing therapy. They will be performed at selected points within the 16-session programme and are customised to each person’s body needs. They are:-
LPG Endermologie – The technology uses a unique cell-activating roller massage across the body to go beyond the skin, right down to the cellular level to activate fatigued cells. This process then rejuvenates the cells and encourages a healthy cell cycle. This in turn results in a healthy lymphatic drainage and causing toxins to leave the body naturally.
Softlight– Using soft, cool infrared light at a wavelength of 905nm, Softlight stimulates cellular energy and improves overall tissue texture through this metabolic process. The patented technology increases micro-circulation to reduce build-up of cellulite, elimination of toxins via bio-stimulation and cell regeneration to increase collagen. In addition, blood circulation is improved with the cell regeneration and activation.
M9 – Miracle 9 is a modern take on acupuncture and moxibustion where the combination of needle therapy of acupuncture on the body’s meridian pathway to improve the body’s natural energy flow or qi. The M9 treatment uses acupressure suction cups over the body’s meridian flow with no needles. Instead, with its magnetic acupressure suction cup, the treatment is safe and allows the magnetic properties to penetrate the body equal to the depth of traditional acupuncture. The treatment integrates a number of key Eastern therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture, cupping and pressure point with magnetic therapy using a rare earth magnet alloy to emulate the traditional needle therapy. This magnetic suction cup reaches many pressure points at the same time – reducing toxins held in the body, improves blood circulation, calibrating the body’s natural flow and has an anti-inflammatory effect, restoring the body’s balance.


Each session is a 90-minute therapy session, kicking off with a herbal compress to “warm up” the nervous system and improve blood circulation. Thereafter, the TCM Pressure Point massage begins and finishes with the TCM cupping.
Heated to 41◦C, the Herbal Compress is a pack containing eight different herbs and ingredients to assist with blood circulation by placing along the key pressure points to kick-start the treatment. Each Compress Pack is sanitised and packed individually for every client and contains the following:-
  • Artemisia Argyi 
  • Safflower Carthamus
  • Old Ginger
  • Angelica Sinensis
  • Lingusticum Wallichii
  • Atratylodes Macrocephaia
  • Angelica Dahurica
  • Rehmannia Glutinosa  
Combining the very best of East-West therapy with technology, the Oriental Wellness Programme by Shou Slimming is a sure way to relieve those sore muscles and have an overall appreciation of wellness for good.
As my concern is the shoulder pain thus my treatment focusing towards the shoulder part. During the treatment i feel so comfortable with the pressure, a little bit pain at certain area but after treatment body feel so refresh and much better than before treatment. I didn’t have my cupping/ gua sha that time due to my back skin very sensitive and there are some back acne, the therapist recommended not to do it. Best you can check with therapist before they start to do treatment, they will advise based on your skin condition.
Over the course of 90-minutes, one feels the therapeutic healing properties and a total calmness from the relaxing treatment.
Shou Slimming’s Oriental Wellness Programme is a 16-session programme and is $1,888 (incl. GST).
About Shou Slimming 
Flaunt a figure that only Shou can give. Shou revolutionises body slimming through the use of safe and effective treatments. Its personalised and natural treatments remove stubborn fat in a painless manner. At Shou, customers do not have to take any pills, meal supplements or undergo injections, crash diets or sweaty workouts. Shou’s programmes help to shape overall body contours – customers can achieve the body they have always wanted.

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