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[Beauty Treatment Review] Radiant Skin with Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment from SkinLab The Medical Spa

Recently, SkinLab The Medical Spa has introduced a new facial treatment and they have few regular customers trying them and they love the results. 
So when SkinLab invite me to try their new treatment, i was really excited and couldn’t wait to try their treatment. Because i’ve pleasant experience with them on my previous facial. Their facial is very relaxing.


Introducing Skinlab’s Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment…
This treatment will aid your skin in restoring its natural renewal cycle, it allows your skin cell cycle to return to its original, youthful state by creating the perfect environment for your skin to reproduce the essential nutrients for a healthy appearance.
Upon arrival i was greeted by sweet looking orchid at consultation room. After consultation and found more detail on my skin problem, the therapist led me to the treatment room which is looks very clean and the bed looks so comfy.

Changed my outfit for treatment, because they will do some back massage too at the end of treatment.

Before starting they will remove my make up. Their therapist is very gentle massage my face while removing the make up. They also done extraction and eyebrow trimming for me.
After my face ready, they started to apply numbing cream and wait for few minutes until it takes the effect. Then the treatment started.. Basically they are using an equipment called Derma Roller to stimulate the skin for better absorption for the next product to be used. Derma Roller might look a bit scary with the micro needles around it, but due to numbing cream, i couldn’t feel anything when the derma roller do action on my skin.
After therapist ensure all area treated with derma roller, then she started to apply the placenta serum which is containing anti-aging and good for skin renewal, made the skin looks more youthful. 
The last step from the treatment is my favourite part: the cold mask.. It’s really comfortable and made me fall asleep. It really help to calm the skin after treatment.
After cleaning the mask, the therapist apply moisturizer and sunblock on my face.
After treatment my face feel a bit warm, tingling sensation, slight swollen and looks a bit reddish. But no worry, it won’t take too long to come back to your normal condition. Therapist said it will be gone on next day.
In fact on my case, swollen and red on my face gone within few hours, and in the middle of the night it’s totally gone. But after treatment, the therapist advised me to apply mask and avoid to put too much make up on my face for at least a week. It is also better to apply sunblock daily and avoid long exposure to sunlight.
Skinlab’s sweet gesture after treatment. Warm water and sweet biscuit.
Below are the detail about Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment.

– Patented Stem Cell Infusion
– Suitable for all skin types
– Pore minimising
– Stimulates collagen production

– Boost skin cell renewal
The treatment left my face smooth and glowing. It helps to reduce the roughness around my nose area and improve my skin texture. And i am applying less make up on my face. I believe good skin condition is consider 50% finish make up, thus i trust facial to help enhance my skin condition.
Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment (90-min at $350+)
Customers can also do other facials and elect to add-on the 30min Deep Skin Boost for $168+ or at a first trial $98+
Treatment available at all SkinLab The Medical Spa outlets:
#04-04 Wheelock Place Tel: 6235 3246
#03-33 Plaza Singapura Tel: 6336 1106
#B1-62 Jurong Point Tel: 6316 2246 / 6316 2556
#04-22 Westgate Tel: 6358 3088
#04-02C Junction8 Tel: 6262 5698 / 6262 5898

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