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[Media Alert] ECCO Launches #womenshapetheworld Videos

For the debut of ECCO Shape, a new line of heeled footwear for women, Danish premium shoes and accessories brand, ECCO, has launched a locally-produced series of five short videos based on the campaign’s social media hashtag #WomenShapeTheWorld and collection tagline, “Women Shape The World. We Shape Their Shoes”.
The concept of each video is to share real-life stories and experiences of Singaporean women who have taken the road less travelled in their life or career path and in doing so, live their life with a strong sense of purpose and passion, such as the first Singaporean woman to solo ride her motorbike from Singapore to Mount Everest; a service banker turned hawker selling wanton noodles to continue her father’s food legacy; a mother of three who conquered the South Pole and a few others.
ECCO honours these five women and shares their stories through these videos with the hope that it inspires others to do their bit to shape the world they live in.
These videos are launched from 20 September progressively over the next few weeks on e.cco.to/shape
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