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[Adv] HESTIA SWEETS – The Nuts Goddess

Who like snacking? Me! Me! Me!
But choose a healthy and yummy at the same time might be a bit tough nowadays. Most of snacks on market are heavy in calories and full of sugar. I would prefer back to nature snack with natural ingredients, such as dried fruits and nuts. Nuts and dried fruits have a long history and have been a staple in human diet ever since. Nuts and dried fruits have very low GI and packed full of health benefits. Dried fruits retain most of its nutritional value as only water content is removed from it for a longer shelf-life. 
Introducing Hestia Sweets.. 
It’s a new local start-up focusing on bringing convenient and healthy snacking to busy individuals. Hestia Sweets use only premium ingredients for their products and provides on-time delivery services for customers. Healthier snacks doesn’t have to be boring and Hestia Sweets would like to share with you interesting snacks mixes that inject the fun into snacking
Currently, they have 3 product categories- Hestia Premium Dried Fruits & Nuts, Hestia Snack Mixes and Hestia Signature Handmade Granolas.
Hestia Premium Dried Fruits & Nuts
“We do the sourcing and you do the snacking!”- HS
These dried fruits & nuts deserve all the focus and attention as they are sourced from one of the best growers in their home country. In the list, we have Dried Cranberries (whole), Black Turkish Apricots, Raw Brazil Nuts, Dried Muscats and Premium Jumbo Medjool Dates.
Premium Jumbo Medjoul Dates [Price: $22]

There are massive health benefits linked to the consumption of dates. Dates are high in natural sugars and can be used as a sweetener in your diet and baking!
Net Weight: 320g

This is the biggest and moistest dates i’ve ever seen and tasted. The date flesh are come in big chunk with tiny little seed inside. Looks on the enlarged picture of the dates, it looks super fresh and succulent. Thumbs up for the quality!

Hestia Snack Mixes
“Indulgent Snacking right out of the bag!”- HS
These are on the go snacks packed in resealable individual bags of 60g. Convenient snacking throughout the day with our compact packaging. Wide varieties of interesting snack mixes to choose from. Ranges from raw to sweet to savoury! All in our on the go snack mixes to give you that extra boost during the day or to keep you company into the night.

Inside Personal Box Selection – Any 6 packs (60g) for $22. They also have Sharing Box – Any 30 packs (60g) for $99.

Full selection you can find here.

Jumbo Jumbo 

Take a ride with their Jumbo Jumbo through the forest of brazil nuts, wild figs and yoghurt balls!
Ingredients: Raw Brazil Nuts, Dried Figs, Greek Yoghurt Apricot Balls

Net Weight: 60g

I love everything from Jumbo Jumbo package, the dried figs so sweet and chewy, raw Brazil nuts so crunchy and greek yogurt apricot balls tasted very unique. Very delectable combination i can say..

The Power Blend
Hearty and healthy blend of superfood. Keep a pack with you to keep you energised all day!
Ingredients: Raw Pecan Pieces, Raw Macadamias, Diced Apricots
Net Weight: 60g
This combination is another perfect pairing, crunchy nuts with chewy apricots, mix of savoury and sweets.
Zesty Cajun Herb Almonds
A perfect mid-day snack for that extra booster!
Ingredients: Almonds, Hot Chilli Powder, Herb Garlic and Lime Seasoning
Net Weight: 60g
I love almonds because of its benefit, very high fibre and keep you full for longer time and it’s proven! Spicy is my another love, so this combination is my favourite, savoury and full of spices..

Hestia Signature Handmade Granolas
“Breakfast made right with Hestia Granola!”-HS
These are their signature granolas made in Classic Honey, Premium Honey or Gula Melaka flavour. We pair different dried fruits & nuts with different flavour to bring out the essence of it. The granolas can be eaten on its own, with milk or with yoghurt and fresh fruits. The dried fruits & nuts or snack mixes can also be added into the granolas for a different layering taste. All in all the pairing are endless to create that taste that is just right for you!
Premium Honey [Price: $35]
This retains the flavour of their classic honey but with the addition of more premium nuts and dried fruits! If you like our classic honey, don’t miss out on this premium version! 

Ingredients: Whole Rolled Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Macadamia Nuts, Dried Figs, Dried Cranberries, Natural Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt.

Net Weight: 500g

The packaging is very unique, it comes with glass jar and wooden spoon. This mix is really good with yogurt or enjoy by itself. I like on how generous they gave the macadamia nuts and dried fruits.
I love to enjoy my Granola with yogurt every morning to start my day, it gives me a sufficient energy throughout whole morning and it made a simple and easy preparation, it’s perfect for a healthy breakfast!
We love snacking so much that it can happen at any time of the day and Hestia Sweets want providing convenient snacking for busy people like you! Hestia Sweets have more than 20 selections of interesting mixes, premium selections and handmade granolas for you to choose from! Hestia Sweets do the sourcing, you do the snacking!

For more details, please visit our website at
And for further updates and promotion please visit their social media pages.
Instagram: @hestiasweets

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