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[Media Invite] Great Singapore Savour at STREET50 – Bay Hotel Singapore

Attended media tasting at STREET50, Bay Hotel Singapore with theme Preview Tasting of the Great Singapore Savour where the brand new all-day dining menu debuts, spotlighting local favourite street eats. Well-presented in small plates and most ideal for savour-and-share smart treats, we get to enjoy the culinary team’s ingenious renditions of Salted-egg Lava Chicken Breast, Oyster Fried Kway Teow, Coffee Wings, Soft Shell Crabs with Salted-egg dip and many more!

Coffee Wing
The caramelized sauce was good, but the coffee need more kick. Overall the wing is well marinated, very tasty and juicy.

Softshell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk Dip

This dishes will be good to have it while it’s hot, because the soft shell crab need to be crispy. The salted egg yolk sauce is very thick and rich of salted egg yolk flavour.

Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast

This dishes is a star, the chicken meat is very tender and the salted egg lava is the bomb, the sauce is really creamy and rich.The texture of the chicken is really good, somehow it reminded me of chicken cordon bleu.
XO Scallop and Prawn Fried Rice
The prawns on fried rice are very generous, but i wish to taste more on XO scallop, perhaps the scallop cut into bits and blend with rice. Overall, this is such a humble yet comforting dishes.

Cereal Prawn with Wasabi Dressing
This is another star food during the tasting. The prawn is very fresh, sweet and succullent with the cereal crisp at the outer layer, dipped into wasabi mayo sauce.

Shrimp and Eggplant Sambal

Suprisingly this simple dishes taste really good. The eggplant texture cooked just right and served with generous shrimp. 

Assam Fish Head

This is a different type from common assam fish. The sour flavour came from tomato instead of assam (tamarind). Would be appropriate if they call this dishes Tomato Fish Head Soup. Overall, the broth is really rich and tasty.

Curry Fish Head
This curry is towards Indian style, the soup is thick and very fragrant. 

Oyster Char Kway Teow

Instead of cooking with cockles, this char kway teow come with oyster. The texture of the kway teow is just right and chewy. 

Coconut Malibu

This special dessert is using the fresh Thai coconut, fruits and coconut ice cream. The special thing is this type of fresh coconut is difficult to get and only have one distributor in Singapore, made this dessert so special.

It comes with syrup, but i prefer to have it by its own.

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50 Telok Blangah Road S(098828)

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