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[Travel] My First Penang Trip 3D2N

Been procastinating this post, as i am super busy lately, have a super limited time to do my blogging stuff, then always keep this post on my draft and only manage to finish now, lol.. 
Well actually this is one of an unplanned trip.. I only had a chance to plan a trip when a saw a cheap ticket or airline promotion.. 

So when jetstar having promotion for Penang, then i quickly booked. It’s been a long time we wanted to visit Penang, but when we checked the ticket is always expensive and end up always cancel our plan to go there. 

So when have a chance then we quickly confirmed our trip. Our plan is only visit Georgetown area, the herritage site in Penang. And we keen to visit Penang also because of their foods! 

So there you go.. Enjoy my pictorial at Penang! 


As usual morning ootd at Changi before our departure. It was very early morning flight, zzzz… Flight to Penang from Singapore took about 1hr and 45mins. 

And finally reached Penang International Airport, we took taxi to our first hotel at Jalan Macalister.

Our first night stay at Glow Hotel, it’s new hotel and located at very convenient location. Their price is very reasonable, they also have a mini swimming pool.. My suggestion is don’t stay at expensive hotel as you come to Penang to explore not to stay in hotel whole day. 

Glow Penang
Address: 101, Jalan Macalister, George Town, 11400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-226 0084

After check in at hotel then ootd time first. Beside this hotel there is a food court, whatever u order in Penang it will always be nice food. Haha mybe food standard there (in term of tastiness) is very good. 

Our first food in Penang.. Char Kway Tiew and Wantan Mian.

After had our lunch then we went back to our room to change outfit. It was very hot in Penang, hotter than Singapore.. Saw the bougainvillea blooming very nice, don’t waste and quickly took ootd.

And we started walking along Penang alley, we follow the map tried to find all the famous Mural (painting on wall). Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is leaving his mark with beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown. The artworks are funny, fascinating, and very much open to everyone’s interpretations. Share with you the map if you keen to take photos with all of them..
Spotted Bruce Lee Mural… Location : Back alley of Ah Quee Street and Beach Street
Spotted “Boy on A Bike” Mural at Ah Quee Street.
And we always amazed by the interesting old style tiles. Everywhere.
We passed by a lot of unique, vintage architecture and old houses.
Penang people are sooo creative..
Beedo beedoo…
Building with living green wall. Interesting..
We love how vintage the alleys and roads at Gorgetown. Indeed a national cultural herritage area in Penang.. 
Little Girl in Blue” Mural at Muntri Street, hmm apparently is not so “little”, it’s giant girl..LOL!

I am flying..

Can you spot water tap as an Elephant trunk?

The famous “Little Children on Bicycle” Mural at Armenian Street.

“Pau on Bicycle” is actually beside the local bakery shop. Very near to Armenian Street.
We had chendol ice because that day was very hot, the shop is just opposite Children with Bicycle at corner of Armenian Street.. It’s not complete become tourist in Malaysia when you are not having their local chendol.

“Skippy Comes to Penang” at Armenian Street Ghaut

Ok i admitted it was quite tiring to walk over from our hotel to this artworks area then we have to continue our journey to walk over to Gurney area.
Passed by the famous Eastern and Oriental Hotel. Told hubby next time we can stay there, hehe.. Suprisingly, price of 5 stars hotel in Penang are still very reasonable. 
We passed by beach area. After that we were heading to Gurney Night Market. 
The beach is rather calm and not much tourist here. 

Sadly, we didn’t managed to tried famous hawker food at Lorong Selamat (knew from some friends this is a must visit place), even though it’s actually very near to our Glow hotel. Because we were too full that time, having a lot of chendol and desserts along our way back.

And finally reach Gurney Night Market with a lot of food stalls..

Gurney Night Market
This are is very famous as tourist area. Had famous rojak, fried stuff and of course when you come to Penang, you should have asam laksa.. 
Rojak sauce with a lot of prawn paste and peanut, super yummy.. 
Fried Lok Lok.
Ordered few of them.
Night market is pretty crowded.
We ordered Asam Laksa…
And we packed rojak and some fruits to bring back for supper at our hotel room.. That was our first day at Penang..


Woke up morning at Glow hotel.. Today we were going to shift hotel.
OOTD while waiting for check out from Glow Hotel.
After that we took a taxi heading to Muntri Mews. It’s a very vintage peranakan style boutique hotel. Was thinking at least to stay 1 night in this kind of hotel so we ended up booked this boutique hotel.
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by this pretty Frangipani tree and lush greenery.

Muntri Mews

Address: No. 77, Muntri Street, Georgetown, Penang, 10200, Penang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-263 5125

And the landscape outside the hotel is very tropical, with big Heliconias and Calathea planting. 
Well i think the owner really pay attention to every single stuff there, all items and deco is very retro style, remind me of my grandma time.. The metal plates, metal cups, etc, all really vintage.. All accessories inside the room is very old style.. Love those knick knacks to bits.
Room corridor on 2nd floor.
View from our room. The outdoor seating is part of cafe.
The room..
Funky monochrome checkered pattern on the bathroom.
After checked in and OOTD around hotel corridor, we decided to go to Chew Jetty.. 
Had our lunch at foodcourt, nearby shopping mall.
Along the journey to Chew Jetty, we met few murals and vintage doors.
Passed by this mural again on our way to Chew Jetty.
This wall mural was reportedly done by a local artist named Louis Gan. This wall mural depicts most likely a brother and a sister having fun on the swing. The road sign “Step by Step Lane” is also installed as part of the art work and is not an actual road sign. This art work can be found at Chulia Street Ghaut (at a back alley of a printing warehouse).
“Reaching Up” Mural at Cannon Street.

Chew Jetty

It’s one of a must visit place in Penang where you walk on deck leading to jetty to enjoy the sea view. Along the path to end of jetty, souvenir shops will be on left and right side. Spot the colourful umbrella there… And don’t forget to try coconut ice cream decorated with coconut tree plastic figurine, it’s very refreshing on hot day.

At night we were very hungry and ate some street food and Nasi Kandar that we packed during our afternoon walk. It turned out that Nasi Kandar that we bought from random stall is super good, the rice, the mixed veggie and the curry chicken damn! Sooo yummy, probably it was the most delicious Nasi Kandar i’ve ever tried! I wished we buy more.. #greedyme #nowondergettingfat #idontcarebecauseitsveryniceleh

So that was ended our second day in Penang.


Love the morning sun coming from the window at our room. Better don’t waste, take ootd first.. 🙂
Before we went out, we had our breakfast at Muntri Mews cafe.
The foods here were sooo yummy.. Hubby had his favourite Nasi Lemak and i had ham and cheese croissant.
And we were ready to explore museums nearby our hotel.

Again, OOTD at hotel first.

Another session of OOTD at hotel, hope you not boring, hehe..

Purrffect Cat Cafe
Visit this cat cafe, you only need to pay for your own foods. No need to pay for entry to play with their cats. But as usual a lot of rules: cannot disturb when the cats sleeping, cannot feed the cats, etc. 
When we came there, most of cats still sleeping.. Haha i think it’s their habit.. So we just quietly taking photos of cute cat sleeping.. 

Purrffect Cat Cafe

Address: 53, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-261 1197

Hello Garfield!

The Camera Museum
It’s just beside our hotel and Purfect Cat Cafe so we paid a visit there and also just because we are looking for toilet. Very retro deco, dominated with bare concrete and raw finishes.. 

The Camera Museum

Address: 49 Jalan Muntri, George Town, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone:+60 4-261 3649

Cheong Fat Tze’s Blue Mansion
It’s another must visit place when you go to Penang. This famous Blue Mansion is belongs to Cheong Fat Tze. The story you can read here

It’s very classic house, combination of oriental and western architecture, ehm but chinese element is much stronger, they built this house following feng shui rules and a lot of philosophy behind each ornaments around this house. 
If you would like to experience something different, you can also stay here, they have rooms for guests to stay as well as restaurant for dining.

Cheong Fat Tze’s Blue Mansion

    Address: 14, Lebuh Leith, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
    Phone: +60 4-262 0006

    Guided tours that are available daily at 11am, 2pm and 3.30pm for a duration of 45 minutes.
    RM17 per adult (including GST)
    RM8.50 per child under 12 years (including GST)

The center of house where they claimed having a strongest “chi” around the house.

The first three steps made from stone as symbol that the starting point have to be as hard as stone.
The courtyard area is belong to hotel. 

Had wantan noodles for lunch.
While waiting our flight, we came back to hotel to picked up our luggage and had a yummy fried banana fritters with vanilla ice cream at Muntri Mews cafe.

While waiting our flight, we had (again) Asam Laksa and Curry Mee at Old Town White Coffee, Penang Airport.
Overall, we enjoyed walking around herritage area at Penang. Till then, Penang..


  1. Yuni,

    Great post on our city and local food.

    Please visit us next time you come: https://ykhrestaurants.com/penang-best-restaurants


  2. I fall in love with Penang. This old town makes me feel the tranquil atmosphere. The decorations around Georgetown is really vibrant and cute. Last time I spent nearly 1 day to explore this, but it seems to be not enough. And one thing I love is the very yummy food. Thanks so much for the lovely post!

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