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[Media Invite] BAKER’s Ville open in Singapore!

Just open BAKER’s Ville in Singapore! 
Founded in 2013 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, BAKER’s Ville features the moist and crumbly ’26 Thousand Layers Tart’. You will get to try out the signature tarts, as well as other flavours including green tea, coffee and mochi, and other pastries!


A superb combination of 206 – folds tart crust and 220 °C of baking temperature, Thousand Love Tart would surely make your taste bud explode with deliciousness! Be surprise at how crumbly the crust is, satisfying your tart cravings in every bite. 

10% Thousand Layers Crust with 90% Filling, made from Fresh Milk from France, Freshest Kampung Egg, no preservative, no colouring and no single drop water added.
Comes with few flavour: Original Coffee and Matcha Red Bean.
Price: 3 for $5 and 6 for $9.


Formulated with a secret recipe from Japan, this is made from the most premium and luxury ingredients. By using fresh kampung eggs, vanilla bean seeds from USA and imported creamy milk, the resulting product is a delicious and dense Tokyo egg brulee that you can never resist. 

Price: 4 in one box for $9.90.

All angel cakes from BAKER’s Ville are made purely using egg whites. The ingredients used are natural and low in fat and sugar, making it the healthiest cake in town. It’s soft in texture yet extremely moist. It comes with a few flavour: Original (Lemon), Blueberry, Oreo, Sesame and Matcha Red Bean.
Price: $9.90 per box for original lemon and blueberry, $10.90 for other flavours.

So here are our breakfast situation last weekend.. After attended BAKER’s Ville soft launch opening, brought home this yummy tart and cake. Featuring moist and crumbly ’26 Thousand Layers Tart’, soft Angel Cake Original flavour and super cute Tokyo Egg Brulee.

BAKER’s Ville had their grand opening on 7th Nov 15, their store is right behind the Bugis Street bus stop. 
Pssst, my hubby really love the tarts, he finishes 6 tarts in a box by himself, even tho he don’t like sweets, but he told me he found this tarts really yummy and not too sweet, haha.. My personal favourite is Tokyo Egg Brulee, it’s very yummy. And i also share Angel Cake Original with my colleague, all of them like the cake, it’s super light and soft..
Thanks @elphinyeo and @bakers.ville for the invite..

About BAKER’S Ville

Established in 2013, Baker’s Ville has since grown rapidly with overwhelming response from its passionate customers. The reason for its strong following, is their brand promise to deliver only freshly baked egg tarts that are handmade from scratch daily.

Coupled with the use of quality gourmet ingredients, they do not cut corners in creating theperfect egg tart that is suited to the Asian palate. A Baker’s Ville egg tart is moist and crumbly, which is pleasing to the palate. Many satisfy their tart cravings with these mouthful treats that are housed in their signature orange boxes.

They are the perfect thing to bring to any gathering, or just to give your day a sweet ending.

BAKER’s Ville Singapore
No.3 Bugis Street MSV1(2), Singapore 188867
* The store is right behind the Bugis Street bus stop.

Instagram: @bakers.ville

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