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[Adv] V-mina Feminine Hygiene, Feel The Confidence..

When we talked about feminine hygiene. Are you sure that so far you doing it right? Do you that cleaning the vulva with just water is not enough to keep it clean. Without proper care and hygiene, smegma will collect under the hood that covers the clitoris and the glands of the clitoris. This can result in pain, irritation and/ or inability to experience orgasm. If you wish to feel fresh and confident enough to shine all day – even in your most private moments, read on.

What is smegma? If you first time heard about it, smegma (Greek smēgma, “soap”) is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both female and male mammalian genitalia. Both sexes can produce smegma. In males, smegma is produced and can collect under the foreskin; in females, it collects around the clitoris and in the folds of the labia minora. (source: Wikipedia)

Most women need to be aware that simply wiping their vulva with a washcloth or their hand may not be enough to keep it clean. The vulva needs to be washed and cleaned thoroughly. The importance of proper vaginal pH and vaginal flora in maintaining a well-balanced vaginal ecosystem is vital for a healthy V-area. The normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.2. When your vagina’s pH is outside of the normal range, a number of vaginal health problems may occur. Therefore, having quality feminine hygiene products with the right pH that are devoid of chemical deodorants or of antibiotic substances is important. 
Normal body cleanser is also not suitable for daily cleaning of your delicate region, especially when you want to clean it thoroughly. The epidermis of your V-Area, which is the external vaginal area that reaches to the opening of the vagina, is even more delicate than the skin on your face. If you do not use body cleanser for your face, why would you use it for your V-Area?

So, are you sure that you are using the right cleanser?
V-areas deserve a gentle cleanser that keeps you fresh without harsh chemicals. Many feminine hygiene products in the market contain synthetic materials found in most body cleansers such as SLES, SLS or ALS, which are too harsh for cleansing of your delicate V-Area. Prolonged usage of such cleansers may strip your V-Area of its natural hydration and protective layer resulting in dry and irritated skin.

Time for a revolutionary feminine cleanser that safeguards your vaginal health with a more natural and advanced approach.
Introduce you V-mina Feminine Hygiene range. V-Mina is the FIRST feminine hygiene product in Singapore clinically tested and proven to improve good micro-flora balance. It gives valuable benefits not only to healthy individuals who appreciate delicate care for their well-being, also to those who are prone to infections despite having done their regular cleansing.

Why choose V-mina? Here are some of the reasons:

A. Clean and Delicate
V-mina cleanses gently without SLES/ SLS/ ALS, keeping you fresh and clean while hydrating and softening.

B. Microflora Balance
V-mina contains probiotics that improves good microflora balance in the V-Area, preventing odour due to microbial imbalance.

C. pH Balance
V-mina has been clinically formulated to match the pH of the V-Area (pH 4.0). This facilitates a healthy environment that is less prone to discomfort and infection.

What’s make V-mina different than other feminine hygiene cleanser is yogurt extract contain with probiotics to help restore and maintain the microflora balance of your V-area. It is also formulated with tea tree as a natural and soothing disinfectant, and aloe vera to moisturise and soften the skin.

The soap-free formula is also clinically proven to facilitate healthy pH level and does not contain any harsh chemicals such as SLS/ SLES/ALS. With the scientifically proven natural extracts and hyaluronic acid, V-mina product range brings confidence from the better appearance and youthfulness of your V-area.

Here are the benefit of each ingredients of V-mina:
– Tea Tree: disinfect & sooth
– Aloe vera: soften & smoothen
– Natural extracts: lighten skin tone
– Hyaluronic acid: hydrate and rejuvenate
– Yoghurt Extract: for microflora balance

V-mina product range covering Cleansing Mousse, Cleansing Wipes, Lightening Intimate Gel and Deodorant Intimate Mist. All products are very compact in packaging so those are convenient to bring for traveling.
Creamy soft mousse formulated for gentle yet effective cleansing of the external V-Area. Suitable for daily use without irritation.
Direction to Use – 
  1. Wet V-Area
  2. Shake bottle and dispense 3-4 cm of mousse on finger
  3. Gently and thoroughly cleanse the external V-Area
  4. Rinse thoroughly
Feel confident and fresh even on the go!
Direction to Use – Use after urination or during menstruation
Contains natural lightening extracts to improve the V-Area to a fairer tone. 
Direction to Use – Gently apply adequate amount on intimate area, until fully absorbed.
Travel-size bottle for convenient use anywhere.
Direction to Use – Spritz around the V-Area 2-3 times daily to keep yourself smelling fresh throughout the day!
I’ve been trying all the products and so far so good. It’s very easy to apply and bring everywhere i go/ travel as the packaging very compact and easy to bring. 
The smell is very soft and natural, not too strong as sometimes i found other product does. What i feel most important is feminine hygiene not only give a fresh smell, they also must helps to maintain V-area.
Further info, please visit V-mina website:
To purchase, click to this website:

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