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[Adv] Coast to Coast Australia “Rainforest Pore Purifying Cleansing Water”

As you know from my previous post about Coast to Coast Cleansing Products, i am starting becoming a fan of their products. It’s because all ingredients are natural and very gentle to skin. Frankly speaking i am having a very sensitive skin and always have a problem with some products, but when i tried Coast to Coast products, it’s doesn’t hurt my skin, in fact they helps to maximize cleansing process.
Now i have a chance trying their no-rinse water cleansing, it’s super easy to use and clean the leftover make up on face which unable to clean by normal cleanser. As a busy (and lazy, lol) person, i always want to quickly finish my face cleansing process and this cleanser is really help a lot. I can just use the cotton pad and apply the products onto it and clean the excess make up from my face, it’s very gently for eyes area too. No need water to rinse, non-sticky, very refreshing and super quick for make up removal. 

No-rinse water cleansing water for “Easy Peasy” skincare regime.

Coast to Coast’s Signature Range of no-rinse formula Cleansing Water is the perfect choice for today’s modern busy working ladies.

Coast to Coast firmly says ‘NO’ to artificial colors, fragrances and animal testing, ensuring their range is worthy of your trust. They use natural and organic ingredients that have been grown, harvested, handled, processed and stored without the use of any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, phosphates, growth stimulants or antibiotics. The results are products formulated to simply reveal naturally beautiful skin.

Rainforest Pore Purifying Cleansing Water
Key Ingredients: Lilly Pilly + Neroli

This pore purifying cleansing water contains Lilly Pilly that has astringent properties that cleanse and freshen the skin to improve firmness and amplify youthful resilience. It is high in antioxidant vitamin C and fruit acids to help prevent damage to the skin’s cell structure and also promotes collagen and elastin production for increased suppleness. Neroli is great for all skin type. It hydrates, softens and boost skin rejuvenation while stimulating cell growth and activity. It is also effective in treating broken capillaries.

Available at LIN’s Australia #B1-70 United Square 

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