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[Adv] Print your popular Instagram photos on

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Instagram nowadays are very popular and more people posting quality photography, hmmm like myself and my hubby do for yuniqueyuni. 🙂 But have you ever imagined your instagram photo got printed at super affordable prices?

Recently i found, they are IG Printing Service Print for your most popular Instagram photos with excellent price, custom envelope and FREE shipping!

What else you can ask for?! Go and keep your memories alive!

Printl is a start-up that prints your 10 most popular Instagram photos every month, delivering them straight at your place.
You don’t need to manually pick the photos and waste time, since your 10 most popular photos, the ones that gain the most likes from your friends, are ready to be printed. The prints are of excellent paper quality, leading to vivid colors in a Polaroid-size print and a handmade envelope filled with love and it’s free shipping!
The subscription process is very easy, allowing you to focus on your photos, rather than filling forms. All you need to do is buy a subscription, pay, add your details (name, address, etc.) and just like that, you’re ready to receive your prints next month! offer competitive price, quality in paper and colors, free shipping worldwide and excellent customer service.
Printl started by the belief that emotions should be kept forever. This is how the idea of the company was created, and that’s the spirit also transmitted to the #printl community. It’s great seeing everyone’s feeds full of their unique moments and the joy is even bigger when printing them, knowing that they’ll keep them forever.
Sample of Printl ig photo print out
How Printl uses Instagram?

Printl is all about Instagram photo prints, which means that Printl love Instagram and use it daily. Printl love discovering new users that share with them the passion about photography and Printl always learn something from each one of them. Printl are not photography experts, and they don’t claim to be, that’s why they don’t always seek for the perfect, but more for photos that have something to tell. Over the months, Printl are proud for the Instagram community they have created, featuring photos from photographers they meets, discovering new ones, having great chats that lead to interview for Printl blog and occasionally sharing tips and tricks for Instagram, coming from they actual experience with favorite social network. 
Info about Printl:
10 printed photos per month
Which photos?
The ones that got more likes from your followers
Print size?
Polaroid-style 9×11 cm.

Excellent, both for paper and printing
The subscription costs $9.99 for every month and it’s up to you to print as many
pictures for as many months as you want. The price also includes the delivery,
which means that you don’t have to worry about anything afterwards.
Free WorldWide

Straight to your mailbox
Who needs Instagram photo prints?
Actually, everyone needs Instagram photo prints. Students love to print their favorite moments with their friends. Mums love to hang on their walls the printed photos with their babies. Photographers love to showcase their work. A friend wants to make a gift full of memories to another friends, sending him the prints of their moments. A son wants to give a sweet gift to his parents. An artist wants to print his most popular drawings. A blogger wants to feel proud about her best memories from work and life. There are so many reason to actually print your favorite Instagram moments that even we are surprised when users contact Printl and provide Printl with a new perspective on how to use their Instagram photo prints. And that’s the power of Instagram that Printl love. You never know how someone may use Printl, until you actually meet them. started as an extension to the popularity of Instagram, believing in the importance of keeping your favorite moments alive and it was more of an emotional decision to create Printl and find more users that can relate to their nostalgia for prints of Polaroid style. It is such a sweet way to preserve your experiences that it’s their task to make sure you receive them at an excellent quality, but still at a low cost, always with a customer service that you deserve – awesome!
Why should you print your Instagram photos?
You love using your smartphone and you save everything to your digital library. know that and everyone does it. How about your favorite moments though? How do you keep alive the memory of your newborn child? Your last birthday? Your graduation day? Your happiest day of your life? Sometimes printing your pictures allows you to keep a moment even longer, especially if you place the prints at a prominent place at your home. Is there any better way to decorate the walls of your room? Would you imaging that your Instagram photo prints could replace an actual wallpaper at your living room? How about decorating your favorite spot of the house with photo prints with your beloved memories from each month? Luckily, your inspiration month by month on how to decorate your photo prints provides us with new reasons Printl love printing Instagram photos and happy that inspire even more users to do so. It’s all about creating emotions and that’s our logo. Printl want to make sure that you create new emotions, that you keep your memories alive and that you never forget your best moments of your life.
After all, there’s still the option of buying a gift subscription for a special friend that you shared all your best Instagram moments together. Isn’t this gesture priceless?
And here you go Printl for @yuniqueyuni March 2015:

How can help?

They are always available to answer your questions and help you. Do not hesitate to contact their customer service or chat with their team through Instagram.
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