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Bali Day 2: Ayana Resort, Rock Bar and Rimba Jimbaran

I knowwww.. I’ve been procrastinating this post super long.. 🙁

And always wish to continue to post it away but it happen to be just a draft, this post has been on my draft for almost 2 months, omg! 
Well, now you may read and enjoy all the photograph we took during our stay at Ayana Resort and our visit to their sibling resort Rimba Jimbaran and the famous Rock Bar. 🙂

You will always be greeted by floral garland of white frangipani flower upon your arrival at Ayana Resort. That was the most pleasant feeling for guest, being treated so special. ;P 
Ayana Resort is pretty old Balinese style resort and here is the arrival area, axis viewing towards the Indian ocean.
Upon arrival and while waiting check in time (check in 2pm!), we had our lunch at Damar Terrace. They served Asian cuisine. 
My favourite of course Indonesian satay, the meat very fresh and sweet (not a fan for marinated satay like what Malaysia or Singapore do) and accompanied by savoury peanut sauce and pickled veggie, cut onion and cucumber..  not forgetting rice cake (lontong) and melinjau cracker (FYI, melinjau is seed of Gnetum gnomon tree-Indonesian really love this tree lol, because we love to eat the seed and the leaves) Yummy!
And we also ordered fragrance yellow rice mixed with veggie, beef rendang, chicken and egg, of course with Indo homemade chili.

[Damar Terrace]

Surrounded by terraced lily ponds, this Bali restaurant and bar serves Asian favorites including refreshing salads, soups, noodles and rice dishes for lunch & dinner. It also offers mixed satays cooked fresh on the barbecue, a delectable afternoon tea, sunset cocktails and after-dinner drinks in an exotic open-air courtyard terrace, lounge, and relaxation pavilion with daybeds.

Opening Hours Lunch: 11:00-17:00
Dinner: 17:00-1:00

(Source: Ayana website)

After had our lunch, we managed to walk around exploring the Resort.

The buggy path surrounded with colourful flower..
Ayana has a few pools where you can chill around.
And here is the famous Rock Bar.
Been visiting this Rock Bar for more than 3 times, but never get bored.
The Funicular served as a vehicle to send guest to Rock Bar area. But actually Rock Bar can also be reached by walking down the steps from other sides of the cliff. As you can see, during daytime the chef are busy bringing food ingredients into Rock Bar area. Oh one more thing, there are at least on guard inside funicular will always asking you for your room number. If you not a hotel guest i think might have difficulty to go down Rock Bar area during daytime because Rock Bar only open at 4pm. But no worry, you can also enjoyed this Funicular facility even tho if you are not the guest there, you have to queue when the bar started to open. I tried it one time, q usually take min 30mins, so be prepared. As for hotel guest, they will be having priority queue which is less than 5mins.
The view from Ocean Beach Pool during daytime towards open Indian Ocean.
Another view of their main pool. Ayana have a few pool area: Ocean Beach Pool, Infinity Edge Pool (Main Pool), River Pool and Children Pool.
While (still!) waiting for check in time, the reception told us to visit other resort, newly opened Rimba Jimbaran. This recently opened resort is still in one area with Ayana Resort and you can enjoy their facilities too even tho you stay in Ayana or another way, if you are Rimba Jimbaran guest, you can also enjoy facilities at Ayana, how fun! And you not necessarily to walk, over there buggy always ready to send you here and there with just waiting for 15 mins. I can say their service and hospitality are superb.  

[Rimba Jimbaran]

And here you go, some photos when we visited Rimba Jimbaran. Enjoy!

Waiting lobby at Rimba Jimbaran, their design more fancy, using lots of ethnic accents.
Hanging sculpture from roots and some colourful glass.
Their famous circular sunken seating on infinity pool. 
This spot is guests’ favourite for taking photo.
The wooden wall, really got vintage feel.
Overall view of sunken seating and infinity pool.
Became my favourite spot for OOTD.. ;P
Sitting of standing pose, all will always look nice, because of the view (of course!)
To’Ge Restaurant with selection indoor or outdoor dining.

To’ge served all-day dining menu. All RIMBA and AYANA guests may choose to have buffet breakfast at either To’ge restaurant or Padi restaurant, both of which serve an extensive selection of Western and Asian breakfast favorites.
Air-conditioned and open daily
Breakfast: 6:30 – 10:30
Lunch: 11:00 – 17:00
Dinner: 17:00 – 22:30
Reservations and enquiries:
Phone: +62 361 846 8468 Ext. 87
Skype ID: rimba.fbreservation

Then, our exploration continued to Rimba Pool Area.

A central feature of RIMBA Jimbaran Bali’s modern design is the ark-shaped lobby, designed in the style of a ship surrounded by one hectare of water bodies. These include six distinct swimming pools, each offering a different experience and colored a different shade of blue from their mozaic design. The pools are connected by a network of waterfalls, fountains and streams, and are located on different levels to create a multi-layered aquatic environment. From the lobby, the pools appear to cascade down like Balinese rice terraces, nestled amidst the surrounding forest and reflecting RIMBA’s stunning sunset views.

Upper Pool

Maximum depth 1.2 meters. Adjacent to To’ge restaurant, the Upper Pool looks out over the surrounding forest and is perfectly positioned to enjoy RIMBA Jimbaran Bali’s beautiful sunset views. Sun-worshippers may choose one of the poolbeds immersed in the water to soak up the sun and keep cool at the same time, or stay dry on the sofa chairs and King-sized daybeds. The Upper Pool is directly in front of the Fitness Center. 

Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 (Source: Rimba Jimbaran Website

What i love about their outdoor furnitures beside pool.. They all so cute..
Recommended OOTD shots with their outdoor furniture too..  Got very resort feeling, lol..

Lower Pool

Maximum depth 1.1 meters (children’s area 0.3 meters). The favorite of our best family hotel in Bali, the Lower Pool has a children’s waterslide, swim-up Pool Bar and Jacuzzi. The Pool Bar has seating for six guests in the water and additional guests’poolside, and the Jacuzzi can comfortably fit 12 adults. The waterslide comes out to a cascading waterfall, while guests can also swim under a small bridge between the Pool Bar and main pool area.
Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 (Source: Rimba Jimbaran Website

The bridge across Lower Pool, beside the bridge you can see Pool Bar and Jacuzzi.

Cabana Pool

Maximum depth 1.2 meters. Perfect for guests seeking maximumprivacy and seclusion, the Cabana Pool’s eight stylish cabanas offer a cozy environment for all-day relaxation. Each cabana features an eclectic selection of furniture and decor ranging from lounge chairs and standing lamps to beanbags and hammocks. On the other side of the pool, five spacious ‘bird cages’ sit amidst frangipani and coconut trees, with oversized circular daybeds that can comfortably cocoon a couple or family. Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 (Source: Rimba Jimbaran Website

Posed on the lounge chair..
Wanted to lay down but hubby said the chair so dirty so ended up with the same pose, haha.. ^.^
Three Monkeys Pool

Maximum depth 1.2 meters. The Three Monkeys Pool is named after the water fountains that cheekily spray guests from the top of the deck area. The Three Monkeys Pool has sofa chairs and dining tables for comfortable poolside dining.
Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 (Source: Rimba Jimbaran Website

Addicted taking OOTD in front of big leaves, very tropical mood. hahaha…
Hibiscus (honeysuckle) garden?
Cute outdoor furniture again!
And this is my favourite outdoor furniture, remind me to hamster’s exercise wheel.. And i am the hamster.. Oink!^,^


Maximum depth 1.2 meters. The Lagoon is a semi-private pool facing onto the Pool Access Rooms. Guests from these rooms and suites can directly access the Lagoon from their room, and enjoy poolside romantic dinners in the privacy of their balcony. The Lagoon is connected to the Cabana Pool by stone steps and deck area.(Source: Rimba Jimbaran Website
Serene Lagoon pool..
Striked a pose again and again!
Pretty burst colours of Bougainvillea
After exploring the pool area, we went up to their rooftop bar called UNIQUE Rooftop Bar. 

Another spectacular venue from the creators of the award-winning Rock Bar Bali, UNIQUE Rooftop Bar & Restaurant offers dramatic 360 degree views of the Uluwatu Hills to the south-east and sunset over the Indian Ocean to the west. A chic pool club by day, evolving into a spectacular spot for Bali sunset cocktails and dinner high above the treetops, UNIQUE’s location on the rooftop of RIMBA Jimbaran Bali ensures a refreshing seabreeze and elevated views of the surrounding forest to the ocean beyond.

UNIQUE’s design is based around a central bar with infinity-edged 25 meter pool facing the sunset, and multi-levelled seating to provide 360 degree views from any location. The poolside dining area – with oversized daybeds, retro decor and bench seating – opens up to a second floor mezzanine with rustic timber long tables and lounges, making it a world-class venue for Bali events.
With capacity for 150 people seated or 300 standing, UNIQUE offers a new dinner concept, whereby servers move around the restaurant offering a selection of plated cuisine for you to pick and choose whatever appeals to your senses. The idea is to provide a fun, relaxed and sensory dining experience akin to a cocktail party, as servers discreetly parade around offering a rotating menu of Asian-inspired dishes. Popular choices include the Beef Rendang Burgers, Singapore Chili Crab, Baked Jimbaran Prawns, Slow-cooked Lamb Shank, and Malasadas (Portugese donuts). Enjoy a variety of hot, chilled and dessert plates in various sizes: small (Rp40,000++), medium (Rp50,000++) and large (Rp60,000++). You will only be charged for the plates you take, and you may take as many as you like! This concept is served daily from 5pm, while for lunch, a la carte menu is available.
Open Daily
from 11:00 – Midnight (Weekdays)
from 11:00 – 01:00 (Weekend)

Hmmm sadly, the view is towards the hillside, not the beach nor the ocean.
But the deco and furniture make it cozy and it’s pretty windy up there..
Vibrant colour for outdoor furniture fabric.
Everything is perfect if only the view is also perfect..
Can see their concept of six shades of blue? There from the corner of UNIQUE rooftop bar you can enjoy this view.
Pool and facilities make this resort attractive but not for the view. You better go Ayana to enjoy better view.
This view only can get when you stay on their Suite Room. Actually this photo taken on other day during my company trip to Bali, where they opened the room for viewing.
[Ayana Resort]

Come here we come back again to Ayana after our check in to confinue exploring the Resort..
While walking down to Rock Bar, we took some OOTD since i dressed up nicely, hahaha..
Damn view! @.@”
The view from this point so breathtaking.
Spotted my sexy maxi dress from Ohvola and gladiator sandals.. ;P
They planted top of hills with colourful purple grass and flowers.
We were almost reach Rock Bar after walking down by steps.
If you go down by steps on the opposite side of Funicular access, you can enjoy this view… Ocean Beach Pool and further down is Rock Bar.
Ocean Beach Pool
I think this is a perfect hanging place while waiting for sunset. Hmmm, i can say much better than Rock Bar. But this is only open for Ayana and Rimba Jimbaran guest only. Here you can order foods as well because they have a cafe over there. Was lucky that time still not crowded yet so we able to get a couple of lounge chair for hubby and myself. While hubby play play with his games and i was chill on pool while waiting sunset. Ready to be flooded with poolside photo shots! LOL!!!
simply love that infinity pool
Where edge of pool meet the ocean and the ocean meet the sky… all infinity!
Oh, life is soooo good!!!!
Striked a pose with coconut tree before the guard scolded me..
For the sake of nice photo, haha…

And again!
A nice lady cafe staff helping us took this perfect shot, she nicely arranged our pose so can see the sunset beautifully, she also helped a few couple there took shots.. #nofilter

[Ocean Beach Pool]

The dazzling Ocean Beach Pool located above Kisik Beach is the ideal location to experience all day beach front bathing with brilliant ocean views in Bali. Recline on sun-loungers either on the pool deck or on the natural sand terrace. Cool off in the refreshing waters of the spectacular saltwater pool and enjoy all day summer fare from nearby Kisik Seafood Bar & Grill. Try out chilled beverages and champagne cocktails at sunset and experience the splendour of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali from this stunning seaside location.
Opening Hours 7:00-19:00
Note: Ocean Beach Pool is open for guests and children and above 12 years old. 

(Source: Ayana Website)

I think i really in love with their Ocean Beach Pool so the next day morning we went again to chill on pool walk around the beach. Our second day will be more on the beach side and we visited their private beach, Kubu Beach.
But before we played around on the beach we had our breakfast at Padi Restaurant.
Right side is the Padi Restaurant, not taking breakfast photos because we had it too rush and messy hahha.. Over there also the lighting not good, not nice taking photo (excuse! :))
So better took OOTD, wearing my simple maxi from Vaingloriousyou with bikini inside.
Ok this one also one of my favourite ootd spot at Ayana, just hope no people pass by the steps.
Chill on Ocean Beach infinity Pool again..
Morning bikini photo shots, saw same faces came again after yesterday sunset viewing.
I wasn’t sleep, just pretend, LOL!

There is a jetty near to Kisik Bar and Grill, on the other side of Rock Bar.
OOTD on Kisik beach..

My personal photographer aka hubby..
After had morning chill on Ocean Beach Pool, we headed to private beach called Kubu Beach. From Ocean Beach Pool you have to come back again to Main Arrival of Ayana, then you have to take buggy to Kubu Beach. Upon arrival at Kubu Beach, the staff will always ask you room number, because the beach is only for Ayana and Jimbaran guests.

[Kubu Beach]

This private stretch of beach is available exclusively to guests of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali. Loll about on a chaise lounge in shaded bamboo cabanas. Enjoy a swim in the surf, read a book, catch up on writing postcards or simply relax. For an added treat order a picnic hamper lunch and spend the whole day contemplating life’s many pleasures. There are 197 steps down to Kubu Beach at our private beach hotel in Bali. Warung Kubu on the cliff-top delivers down to the beach from its menu of satays, burgers, hotdogs, ice-cold beer, coconuts and cocktails, and is also a spectacular sunset viewing spot.
Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 (Beach)
11:00-19:00 (Warung Kubu)
Opening Hours 9:00-17:00 (Source: Ayana Website)

This steps leading you to private beach. Pretty steep, so have to be careful. But the view when you walk down is simply breathtaking, you will be awed by the open ocean view, that’s make you feel not tired at all.
This is the view i was talking about… O.O
Yup this steps i was talking about..
Beside the steps are those limestones with ficus grown by sticking on it.
The waves…
I don’t wanna go back.. 
White sand, blue ocean, so perfect holiday mood..
Holiday yeah! I love beach so much..
Took another OOTD while waiting our buggy came fetch us come back to our room.
Can you feel that holiday mood?!
Here i am at Ayana Resort room..
The room is quite old with some antique decoration but very well maintained.
And this antique ornament light..:)

AYANA Resort and Spa

Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera

Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia

Further info: Contact Ayana

For Enquiries:

Phone: +62-361-702222


Offering seclusion yet accessibility, AYANA Resort and Spa is located on 90 hectares of cliff-top gardens above Jimbaran, on Bali’s ‘sunset’ coast. Retaining the traditional ambience of a Balinese fishing village, Jimbaran’s breathtaking sunset views are matched by diverse scenery from the tranquil bay and dramatic cliffs on one side, to rolling hills and lush forest on the other. The perfect sanctuary for a relaxing break, AYANA offers the extensive facilities of Bali’s only integrated resort, and is also a convenient base from which to explore Bali:

  • 20 minutes’ drive from Bali airport
  • 5-minutes to Jimbaran Village’s art galleries, boutiques, traditional market and fish market
  • 20-minutes to championship golf courses and shopping centers
  • 40-minutes to Seminyak’s shopping and nightlife
  • 1.5 hours to Ubud
  • On-site facilities: 15 restaurants and bars including priority access to the famous sunsets at Rock Bar; 11 swimming pools, private beach, 2 spas, 2 Kids’ Clubs, golf-putting and 2 fitness centers.
(Source: Ayana Website)

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