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Resort Mood

What do you need is a HOLIDAY if you are feeling blues.. 

Yeah, i think holiday is becoming a lifestyle for people nowadays.. 

For myself, holiday means:
– take more photos because you have a decent photo worthy background

– more pretty OOTD (of course!)
– you can wear whatever you want without people staring at you  ;P

I love staying in resort where we can have more privacy and spacious room than just hotel.. I know that we have to pay more, but somehow feel more convenient in this way, because when you go to beach you wish to go to private beach rather than public beaches and for sure you will stay at resort for whole day especially when you go to place for beach holiday (honeymoon again!). 

Anyway, my style here inspired by Resort Mood style, very perfect for holiday. The white top with ruffle detail is very versatile to match with tropical printed maxi skirt.. And not forgetting comfy sandal/heels with some accessorizing.. Voila! Resort style look! 🙂

OOTD Detail:
– Top from theoryofseven
– Floral Maxi Skirt with Slit from loveandbravery
– Nude heeled sandal from Zara
– Accessories from joelleaccessories, Vita Fede and Chanel

Location: Montigo Resort, Nongsa-Batam

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