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Floral Addict

I wish i can twirl happily like this everyday..
I can say i never enough for printed outfit but in fact lately i bought a lot of monochrome outfit.. Wondering why.. Haha i really need to clear my wardrobe it’s bursting now..
Yeah hubby complaining alrd i think i might have to stop my crazy shopping habit.. A bit scary tho bcoz i everytime i open my wardrobe everything will come off.. LOL.. @.@”
OK! It’s now time to tidying up my blog layout as well as my wardrobe T.T
Happy weekend everybody.. Enjoy long weekend holiday..

OOTD Details:
~ Black V Top from Bugis Street
~ Floral Midi Skirt from hollyhoque
~ Nude Heeled Sandal from Zara
~ Sling Mini Bag from Chanel
~ Accessories from Amber sceats, Joelle Accessories

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