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Picnic at Singapore Botanic Garden

Picnic at Botanic Garden.. We love outdoor activities.. 
But found out lately not as fun as it supposed to be.. Seems like everywhere overcrowd.. Wish we still able to find a serene place to spend our weekend.. (-not complaining).. 
Anyway, wishes everybody spending their long holiday fruitfully..  
I wish i  still can start again to have early sleep everyday.. Fiuhh.. With so many activities, i really miss blogging.. But really hard to find a good time lately.. Hope still able to write and sharing about my activities to my readers.. 🙂

Keep my outfit simple for picnic, simple basic top paired with printed midi skirt.. Midi skirt is a good idea for picnic where you have to sit on the ground.. 

Sushi is the good idea for picnic.. They are so easy to find everywhere and easy to bring.. And we also brought our favourite Qiji popiah.. No idea how it was going well with sushi though.. LOL.. ;P
Impromptu photo snap resulting my silly comic face.. LOL! 

All silverish accessories, keep it simple and sweet.. 🙂

Hubby said my face like fishball.. LOL!

OOTD Detail:
~ Brighton top from Lovekaisy
~ Skirt from Love Bonito
~ Ballet Flat Shoes from H&M
~ Wallet on Chain from Prada
~ Accessories from Vita Fede and Accesorize

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger. Count your blessings not ur troubles.. “

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