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Love & Bravery x Guerlain Hands-On Workshop at Seviin Tangs Orchard

Last Saturday 18 Apr 2014 was lucky got invited by Love and Bravery to join their Guerlain Hands-On Workshop at Seviin Tangs Orchard. 
The infomation shared was very useful about how to maintain the skin and do the daily simple make up. The speaker was so interactive and willing to share her experience to audiences..
Guerlain lauched the new product: Abeille Royale Age-Defying Care Serum.. Made from pure honey and royal jelly from Ouessant island, French.

The speaker share her own beauty routine, she said that the most important to sleep early start from 10pm, because skin do regenerate from 10pm to 4am.. So it’s the best time to rest for skin.. But i think it will never happen to me, nowadays cannot manage to sleep early and always wake up late.. What a life! Q.Q 

Refreshments were served during the workshop.
Guerlain skin treatment and make up: from toner, primer and BB cream, etc.
The famous Météorites Perles: On the top left is no.4 which is more for blusher, top right is no.1 which is the lightest colour function as loose powder and shimmering, and the bottom is no.3 is for beige colour loose powder.  This loose powder will give more radiance to skin. This is so interesting and almost tempted to buy it.. 🙂
Abeille Royale series, Dark Spot Corrector and Pore Minimizer, can be used before make up routine as well..
The texture was so light and not sticky at all..And i really like the smell.. 🙂
And this primer also is one of Guerlain famous product. This primer give the even basic before make up, it’s magical perfecting and correcting the skin, for divine-looking skin.
This primer sprinkled with 24k pure gold flakes will give ultra glowing radiance to skin.. 
Again.. The texture very light and those are having very pleasant fragrance.. The light difusing/perfecting primer really interesting and worth to try, heard a lot of good review..
Their make up range..
And not forgetting the door gift, free samples and voucher and pretty make up box..


  1. sherly

    is it safe for all skin types?

    1. hello, yes, i guess so.. Guerlain products are generally good. 🙂

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