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Nowadays, i am pretty keen on instagram and posting picture everyday.
Don’t you feel happy if somebody like your picture or even give nice comments into it?
But sometimes i found in some posting of other instagram account people are giving nasty and bad comment.. I really hate when people are attacking the subject on the photograph due to their physical, for example “too skinny”, “should eat more”, “why so fat”, “ugly”, other bad words, etc. If do not have something nice to say then just shut up your ‘fxxxing’ mouth.. 

I believe that people are trying so hard to produce a nice photograph.. For me, it’s not so easy to create a nice picture.. You need a good camera, need a good pose, a good outfit, etc.
I just simply don’t like people are judging other people by saying “NAY” to other ppl photo just because the style is different that their style or they just don’t have something nice to say from their mouth.. Anyway just do a REFLECTION to your ownself before saying bad about other people..
FYI, i am saying about this not because i got bullied by people, i’ve never directly attacked by bad comments on my account, instead having a good feedback from my follower or other people.. Lucky me.. 🙂 But i just feel tired reading bad comments on the other account in instagram.. :'( 
Instagram for me is the way to make friendship and get more inspiration from other people.. 
Just be nice and fair to everybody.. 🙂

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“For the beautiful eyes, look for the goods in others. For the beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness..”

OOTD Detail:
~ Christal top from lovebonito
~ Peplum Skirt from taobao
~ Prada Saffiano Wallet on Chain
~ Ankle strap nude heeled sandal from Zara
~ Amber Sceats Swirl Ring and Amber Sceats Captive bracelet from Joelle Accessories


  1. Anonymous

    Hi babe! How do I find the skirt on taobao? 🙂

  2. hi babe can try to find with keyword "mermaid flare skirt".. Gud luck.. 🙂

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