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Love is All Around.. :)

Hi guys..

Valentine is just end of next week, have you plan anything for that ‘special’ day? 
I believe so many couple celebrating by having a nice dinner or even romantic getaway..

We wish to do so, but getting older and go into a married life, i feel that LOVE not necessary need any celebration, because LOVE itself is a CELEBRATION, and NEED NOT any special day, because IT happen EVERYDAY. 
How many people being so grateful to have somebody who love them, yes, i am one of those who feel so GRATEFUL because i have someone who always beside me, always be there where i need help, always be my good listener, always be a good mentor for me. I am not really talking about the good things in relationship.. Sometimes we feel up and down and angry to each other, but we never give up to improve and learning what we can do to fix the problem we face. We always try to more understanding each other and accepting each other. Somehow all the argument and quarreling bring us to one step better on the relationship. Love is not all about those sweet and romantic things (ah maybe for young lovey dovey will do), but for us love is the responsibility to keep our relation stronger.

My hubby asked me whether are we going to have a good dinner, but i said i am not keen to have a LAVISH VALENTINE’S DINNER OR ANY SPLENDID GATEAWAY.. Just a normal dinner will do as long as we will spend the Valentine’s night together.. 

“Having you beside me is enough for my whole life..”  🙂


Perhaps this outfit will inspire you for Valentine look (which is not always identical with pink colour), but i add in sweet detail on the lacey top, tulle skirt and lace up shoes.. Gud luck for your Valentine.. 🙂

OOTD Detail:
~ Covet Tudor top from Love Bonito ~
~ Tulle skirt from taobao ~
~ Windsor Smith Gillie from Santini Shoes ~
~ Saffiano Wallet on Chain by Prada ~
Amber Sceats Armour Ring and Amber Sceats Captive bracelet from Joelle Accessories

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  1. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    🙂 Nice job
    Liked your blog so much!!

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