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X’Mas WishList

Christmas coming soon.. Been busy of work this week and have a bit of chance only to edit my photo and update my blog.. So sorry for very rare posting..

I am now talking about Christmast Wishlist.. I made this collage with polyvore.. Yes, they are my wishlist.. 

These are my X’mas wishlist: Something BOLD (black and cobalt) for X’Mas Party!

a. The most wanted 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli from shopbop.com
Supposed to buy during Black Friday sale, but i changed my mind.. Hehe.. Just worry to send it here due to the price limit for taxation. Mybe will ask my friend whose going US next time.. LOL!

b. Unique piece from Aussie designer: Shakuhachi Serpent Skirt from shakuhachi.net
Yes.. I got this piece on sale! Shipping direct from Aussie.. So happy.. Good quality and it is designer brand.. 🙂

c. The HOT heels: Louboutin Pigalle Phyton
I know.. it’s too good to be true.. Yes, only bought special piece for my wedding.. But i don’t think will buy it again for other occasion.. Budget concern! :”(

d. Favourite butter london nail polish, their colours so intense and last longer
Yes, beside ciate, opi and nail inc, this is the latest brand i love for my manicure.

e. Phantasee Big Eyes 15 mm Beautiful Blue from http://www.glassesonline.sg/
Reading my review here
f. Rayban Aviator Large Metal from http://www.glassesonline.sg/
Yup i want this piece for travel.. 🙂

Anyway it’s just a wishlist, i knew that Santa will never ever exist or extinct already, seriously nobody knows, LOL! 
I think i will need to buy my wishlist by my own.. Hahaha..


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