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Vatican City: Musei di Vaticani and St Peter Basilica

Our last day in Rome before we headed back to Paris, we visited Vatican City. As you know, it’s the central of Catholic church. The St Peter Basilica is simply stunning.. Inside there are a lot of art pieces.. Pieta by Michaelangelo is one of them.. Every corner of this church were made from fine art detail.. And the square in front was really HUGE! indeed!

Hmm, a few tips for first timer:
1. If you would like to come to Vatican city, please book ticket for Vatican museum by online. You need to pay a booking fee but it’s worth than waste your time to queue or buying from tour agent there (which even more expensive). I saw very long queue peoples were trying to get in museum.
2. Then another thing, when you have the booking ticket for museum already, please visit St Peter Basilica in the morning, as early as possible.. before you visit museum (because you no need to queue to buy ticket). St Peter Basilica is free entry and short queue in the morning, but afternoon will be very long queue.
3. Do not wear something above the knee (don’t follow my outfit of the day).. hehe.. Bcoz it’s church, you shall wear proper.. For myself, i thought i wore wrong outfit that day, ended up with hubby jacket wrapped around my leg.. LOL!
4. Sistine Chapel area not allowed people to take a photo, but if you can hide your camera very neat and took it without flash, nobody will disturb, hehe.. Sadly, i didn’t dare to do it.. T.T
But it’s worth to visit, Sistine Chapel Ceiling is very amazing..

Sistene Chapel Ceiling by Michaelangelo.. (taken from Wikipedia)
We really saved our time by never had any queue for both places and we managed to finish Vatican City for half day only and still left half day for me to shopped at Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps area).. 🙂

Pieta by Michaelangelo

St Peter Basilica dome

Art on the floor..

St Peter Basilica square 

Spiral staircase at Vatican Museum..

Open courtyard at one corner of Vatican Museum

The Golden globe at the center of the courtyard, Vatican Museum

8 points of star, symbolize the perfection..

Walking on the spiral staircase at Vatican Museum

Our lunch at the al fresco cafe, we love Capriciossa Pizza.. just simply becoz everything is there, hoho..

The logo within cobbled footpath on St Peter Basilica square

St Peter Basilica square surrounded by the buildings with saints’ sculptures

Yup here’s the St Peter Basilica..

The road..

Still at St Peter Basilica..


Mandatory tourist shoot.. 🙂
Then, my OOTD photos 😀

OOTD detail:
~ Manga Cardigan: Kim Hyeon Moonriver Seamtress at Plaza Singapura
~ Skirt: Dressy at Raffles City
~ Bag: Longchamp
~ Boots: from Hongkong 

Total damage of the day! LOL… Furla Candy Bag!

Found this chubby on the road side…

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