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One Night at Copthorne Hotel, Dubai, UAE

My first Europe trip was very unpleasant on the departure journey..

Here is the story.. 

We took Emirates airline, at first i was very skeptical so i read a lot of reviews about this airline and checking with my colleagues.. All review i read good and all my colleagues told me that this airline is good.. So my itinerary will be Singapore-Dubai then Dubai-Paris.
On the departure day, everything was ok, and everything was very smooth until we were boarding on plane..
When the airplane almost take off, got one of passenger sick really serious, so they need to do some emergency medical treatment on airplane. End up we never take off from airport for almost 2 hours and the sick passenger need to run to hospital. Yup, we were really worried as our next flight to Paris only different about 2.5 hours.. 
Even though we were able to reach early and still have 1 hour to our next flight seems they were blocked our name already. When we touched down Dubai and came out from the gate, the Emirates officer approached us and exchanged our boarding pass Dubai-Paris to new boarding pass (3.20am-next day) which is different about 12 hours from our scheduled departure (3pm) and they had provided hotel at Copthorne Dubai for us to check in waiting for our next flight. 
We simply can’t accept this thing.. Sigh… :'( 
At first, we and some passengers tried to run and reached the departure gate, were hoping still able to make our departure from Dubai to Paris, but on the boarding gate, we were not allowed to board the plane.. T.T 
I was feeling very sad on that time because i was imagining spend our first night in Paris.. But too bad, we really can’t make it.. 
And they explained to us why we couldn’t make our departure to Paris on that day:
~ it takes time to transfer our luggage from one flight to another flight and less than an hour is really not enough for them to make it
~ they simply do not want next flight to be delayed because the flight before delayed
~ when we ask them whether we were able to take any other airline on that day, they explained that they need to buy ticket from other airline just to “save us” (if other airline willing to sell their ticket) 

So we were experiencing misconnection flight and we had to spend our first night in Dubai.. T.T
Then we had no choice, we had to check in the hotel, they arranged my visa (Indonesian need visa to Dubai, duh!), provided the free shuttle to hotel, provided buffet dinner and the free shuttle to come back to airport.

That was my first time ever had a such long delay.. and our luggage not with us.. We couldn’t change our clothes, washing face and brush our teeth.. I couldn’t sleep and feel completely exhausted.. T.T This is the one of the causes to my fever during first 2 days at Paris beside jet lag.
Me and my sleepy head.. Was waiting to board at Changi Airport, Singapore.. It was freaking early in the morning.. 

Waiting and waiting.. Long queue because the big airplane with so many passengers..

When we were going to reach Dubai.. Saw the mountain dessert.. 
And i was having my OOTD shoot at Copthorne Hotel Dubai.. 🙂

Are you able to recognize that i was in Dubai? LOL! With those grand Phoenix palm..

Was chilling on the side of the pool..

Middle East landscape..

Middle East landscape..

Buffet dinner: their food are very exotic, their curry are pretty strong.. I tried hummus and their eggplant salad, really not bad, hmm.. Then i ate a lot of olives.. Their olives and fruits are really fresh.. 

OOTD detail:
~ Inner Top: Zara basic tank
~ Bottom: H&M Skinny jeans
~ Lace Long Sleeve Top: online shop
~ Boots: taobao
~ Necklace: taobao
~ Cross body bag: Nine West

Looking forward to next post: Our first day in Paris.. 🙂

Good nite!

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