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An Old Skirt

I believe all ladies feel the same thing.. They bought a lot of outfit and stuffed inside their wardrobe until bursting.. LOL! But when they open their wardrobe they always find nothing to wear, don’t you agree with me?! Yes, i feel the same.. I open my wardrobe, it’s bursting and when i try to stack in the new clothes everything will be coming out.. Ah it’s super messy.. (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) Hmmm… Mybe should donate some clothes or i supposed to open a stall at flea market.. Haha..

Well.. the point is, i always confuse every morning when i have to choose which work attire i want to wear today? Changing at least 2-3 times is a common sight for my hubby in the morning. Yup i know even so rushing, i still need to mix and match my outfit, or else it will be disaster whole day for me for wearing “something wrong”.

On last friday i came across my wardrobe looking for skirt to match my simple black top and i found this old skirt on the bottom of other new skirt.. I bought it quite long ago, seldom wearing it as last time i feel the size too tight on my tummy. And on that day i gave it a chance and pairing it with my top, well it looks good and i got a lot compliments from my colleagues that my skirt look pretty.

This lovely skirt actually really flattering my shape and sadly i forgot its existence very long.. 🙁 The chiffon material so comfy, with the pleats detail which is very “IN” now and the taupe colour looks so sweet, it’s my favourite colour anyway. Ok from now i will remember this skirt will be a staple worth to wear.. 🙂

And today.. Sadly to let go my Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Platform.. I am looking for bigger size actually.. This size 5.5 seems to small for me and i selling it away.. Somebody bought my lovely Jeffrey Campbell.. T.T But seems that this shoes is only nice for photoshoot, but not really comfortable for all-day wearing.. Sad that it’s just not my pair of shoes.. My feet is really difficult! :'( 

I Love to Dance with this kind of skirt!

Outfit of the Day:
~ Turtle neck sleeveless black top from ASOS
~ Old skirt from mds collections
~ Wallet with chains from Prada
~ Hat from Zara
~ Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell (Soire Clear Platform Heels)
~ Handmade vintage key necklace
~ Earrings from Chanel
~ Big Eyes Contact Lenses from Phantasee Big Eyes 15mm from
~ Manicure using nail polish from ciate Twinset and Pearls 024 from Sephora

Yuni-still feeling jetlag and having a bad sleeping and eating habit, gosh!


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