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Hubby’s T-Shirt Kinda Day!

Today i woke up in the morning then planned to wear my baroque embroidered skirt in black.. Usually i am wearing this skirt on special occassion, but somehow it also chic and edgy for casual look depend on the pairing top.. 

I opened my bursting wardrobe closet.. With so many clothes, i can’t even find any PLAIN BLACK COLOUR loose t-shirt.. Just wondering WHY? I never have such a BASIC clothing.. T.T
Only found my mango t-shirt with the big butterfly in front (OMG! Why i hv such a t-shirt???!!!), thinking wanna cut the butterfly away, but feel not enuf time during rush morning.. Found another zara t-shirt but got the ‘shrinked’ and ‘puffy’ detail on both of the arms and look more formal if pairing with my baroque skirt.. And found the bebe t-shit but in front got blink blink, even disaster if i paired it with my baroque skirt..

Ok focus on casual look.. Suddenly came to my mind about hubby’s t-shirt.. Oh he alway like the plain and monochrome kinda outfit.. Ah IDEA.. Why don’t i borrow his t-shirt for today.. Then i asked him about it.. In the first place he told me it won’t be suitable for you, it looks too loose on you.. I said it’s ok, let me try and i will see how.. 

Pardon for unglam photo and such an awkward face expression LOoL!!!

Hmm after i pair with my baroque embroidered skirt, it looks good.. Looks more casual look as i imagined before.. Haha.. I told to him.. Today is kinda hubby’s t-shirt day! 
Mybe next time borrowed another t-shirt from him.. If i would like to look more casual, i will pair my formal skirt with his loose t-shirt.. It is soooo comfortable to wear it for a simple but chic outfit.. 

Yippiiii!!! What a NEW IDEA!!!
I simply LOVE it!

– Baroque Embroidered skirt from Love and Bravery
– Hubby’s T-shirt from Topshop

Fashion is really unlimited and what you can do.. JUST EXPLORE IT!

Yuni-in kinda hubby’s t-shirt day! 

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