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Become a Landscape Architect

This photoshoot remind me of my childhood when i climbed the fruit trees planted by my lovely father.. I was such a brat tomboy on my childtime.. Suprisingly grown into a feminine lady.. @.@”

I still remember that time, i was an expert climbing all type of tree (except coconut, too tall LOL!!!). I simply got inspired how my parents do gardening.. My father paid attention on every single plants and take care them very well, especially on fruit trees.. On my hometown, we had a roseapple tree, mango tree, pomegranate tree, guava tree before.. But when my father passed away my mother’s hand not as hot as my father’s hand on breeding fruit trees, so few of those fruit trees gone already.. :'( 

I was thinking beforehand, i become a landscape architect perhaps bcoz i falling on “gardening world” inspired by my father.. I really love plants, INDEED.. I feel i can feel the plant’s souls.. I can easily know their name, i can easily remember their growing habit, i can understand them by smell and touch.. 🙂

My ex-colleague whom believe on reincarnation things (well i do not believe such thing), he keep on saying to me, that on my past life my karma was really good, so now i got chance being a caretaker of God’s creature and make the world more beautiful.. 

Well believe it or not.. I was a lucky blessed person, currently become a landscaper can bring me into here (out of my own country) and meet my soulmate, support my own life and support my family. So far i love what am i doing, even though fashion stuffs occupied my mind as well (haha fashion designer wannabe)..

I think, whatever work you do, as long as you LOVE and do it your best, it will not become a burden, but such an enjoyment in life.. 🙂

~missing father in heaven~

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