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Trip To Melaka, Malaysia

Date of Trip: 02-04 Mar 2010 

Melaka/ Malacca is one of famous historical city in Malaysia, not so far from capital city Kuala Lumpur, about 1hr-1.5hrs driving.

I had great experience and had fun to walk around in this ‘vintage’ city, rich of culture, historical building and nice cuisine… ^^ 

First time become backpacker, stayed in guesthouse, facing Malacca River… ^^ 
Always queue-ed for eat… but very worth to queue, coz the food very nice hehe… 
One piece of nice trip i’ve ever had…

Our Balcony View towards Melaka River..
We were staying at one of conservation house, it’s a lovely Guesthouse.. “Riverside Guesthouse”
And the owner is the couple, they are really helpfull sharing the map and tips for travel inside town area.

In Melaka, people seldom take transportation, because the city pretty small and all the historical site can be reached within walking distance..

Vintage building behind me… Can say by its date 1939..

 Q-ed for Capitol Satay

We called it “Celup-Celup” (literally means Dip-Dip), fishball, vegie, tofu, sort of fried stuff..

Chinatown Area of Melaka with its Red Building.. Looks so epic at night time.. 🙂

St. Francis Xavier’s Church was built in 1849 by a frenchman, Reverend Farve. The Gothic towered church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, well-remembered for his missionary work spreading Catholicism to South East Asia in the 16th century.

 @ Famosa Chicken Rice Ball… waiting for famous rice ball

Famous drink lime juice with plum, sweet and sour.. 

 Famosa chendol

 Famous chicken rice ball… the rice so cute…

 Char siew..

Wanton Soup 

 Zoom view of Rice Ball LOL.. @.@

 Heading to Jonker Street

People q-ing for famous chicken rice ball..

Corner of Jonker Street – Food Street and Shopping Walk

 Melaka River

The Melaka Square

Christ Church Melaka

Colourful Becak.. with loud speaker playing music.. @.@”

@ History Museum of Melaka 

cute vintage stuff @ History Museum of Melaka 

 cute vintage stuff @ History Museum of Melaka 

Portuguese/ Dutch lady behind me?

Chinese traditional attire

cute vintage stuff made from silver

 makeup box made from silver, wish could have one with classic flowering carving… ^^

Haha, i am not looking like backpacker..

On top of St. Paul’s Hill is the St. Paul’s Church, once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch. The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscriptions on them. St. Francis Xavier was buried here in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa in India. 

After the Portuguese captured Melaka, they built a fortress to defend themselves. The fortress, called A’Famosa suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion. What’s left today is just the entrance walls, still well preserved till today. So epic view on the top of hill in the center of Melaka town.

Laterite stone to construct St Paul’s Church.. Love the colour.. 🙂 

Taking boat @ Melaka River

Saw our back of guesthouse facing Melaka River (River View Guesthouse), heii that is our balcony..

We saw huge Biawak (Big Lizzard).. 

Melaka become one of UNESCO world heritage city..

Boat @ Melaka River

The most tasty and tender chicken tandoori i’ve ever had @ Pak Putra Tandoori 

Naan @ Pak Putra Tandoori

 Spicy Chicken @ Pak Putra Tandoori, so hot but tasty and lots of spices.. <3 span="">

 Fried fish @ Pak Putra Tandoori

Our supper

Tasty soft shell crab @ Sin Yin Hoe Chinese Rest.

And simple Chinese style Chrysanthemum tea..

Candy made from Gula Melaka, so sweet… @.@”

Chicken curry @ Jonker Dessert Museum Cafe.. This curry is more to Chinese style curry which is more sweet and thick gravy but not too smelly. Ok what i know, Indian curry have stronger smell with even thicker gravy and lots of spices and Indonesian curry is more salty than sweet.

Nyonya Laksa.. Assam Laksa.. Soup a bit sour with bits of fish and prawn paste.. It’s my favourite.. <3 font="">

Baba Laksa.. It’s more taste like Singapore Laksa.. With coconut gravy and tofu and egg..

They called it “Celup-Celup” (literally meand Dip-Dip) because it’s fried tofu and fishball dipped into the sauce.. 

Haha, found this Taiyaki (fish shaped pancake) at the corner of Jonker Street..

Bought this cute LadyBug slippers.. I am still using it until now, so soft and comfortable.. <3 font="">

Oh wow, so many pigeons on building..

Q-ing for popiah.. But we were rushing to catch bus come back Singapore, so cannot manage to try it.. T.T

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