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About Relationships

Few days ago suddenly my mom talk about a lady who recently got married on 36 years old.. Dunno why suddenly asked my mom.. “Mom, am i married too young?!” My mom replied “where got young? I was married about same age with you last time..”

Btw i just recently got married as well, when i was 26 years old (last year).. 
Mom said consider just nice age for marriage.. 
But.. when i see all my colleagues in office, all still looks very young (even mostly are 30yrs old plus) and they are single.. Some even said not dare yet to hv commitment or tie with somebody.. Some of them said “find the new job easier than finding a boyfriend.”
They are having time to drink and chit chat until very late and seems like enjoying their life.. Just bcoz they are still SINGLE.. No limitation, they can do whatever they want..
While me.. Seems i have more responsibility to go back home early, just because i (recently) have husband.. someone need to be taking care and to have more time with.. 
As a wife i just need to respect him.. I know that he also seldom go out with colleagues or any friends, and i think he wish me to do so.. And he don’t like to hangout and drinking as well.. So i just respect him and always asking his permission whenever i need to come back home late.. 
Got a lot of things change after married and you will be feeling guilty if make your husband angry or unhappy just because you have more times with friends compare than him.. 
Well, married life is different.. People always said so.. But anyway.. So far, I am happy in my married life, no complain.. Even my friends are thinking i am still young but at least i am settle down at one point in life.. Compare than those who still looking for their soulmates.. 
I am not saying married in young age is good, but well it depends.. If you are feel you are getting married and ready to spend the rest of your life with somebody, then go ahead.. 
But if you feel not ready yet and feel that someone with you now is not your soulmate then just forget it.. 
“Happiness really CAN wait until you found THE RIGHT ONE..”
I can tell you about my story.. 
Before settling down with my current husband.. I was having relationship with somebody, we started when i was 15 years old (not too young for nowadays but it was really young on that time)..  We even got engaged.. But end up we broke up bcoz i was chasing my own dream to work in Singapore and feel not ready yet for marriage when i was 23 yrs old.. I feel wasting 7 years relationship.. 
Then when i came to Singapore i met someone and feel like getting serious with him and seems like he also intent to get serious and few times talking about marriage.. But really disappointed when i found out from my friend he had another relationship.. And when i asked him he also admitted he had another girl then suprisingly i found that he will get marry soon.. I love him a lot and he really give me promises for future, but the fact he broke my heart.. :'( 
Well end up i found that actually he made the girl pregnant and no choice had to marry the girl.. What a stupid guy! 
Wasting my time again for 2 yrs!!!
After that i feel really traumatic to a relationship.. Meeting and dating few local guys here then end up i choose nobody.. Bcoz my feeling said they are not the one i will spend my life with and i dun feel like having any crush on them.. 
Then i met my husband now.. I found him really keen to hv a commitment with me.. And that time i was 25yrs old, i feel he is the one whom i willing to spend my life with.. Then end up we married.. πŸ™‚
“Marriage is a huge commitment and both shall work together to pursue a world called HAPPINESS..”
Currently we are having a commitment to save for our future.. We are planning to buy a house, to settle down as family and.. having a baby.. ?!! Ok that one will be in the future ( i still hv feeling not ready yet for baby).. 
But anyway, KUDOS to some of my schoolmate who really dedicated themselves for their family, become working mother as well as taking care of their babies.. 

Well, perhaps in the future.. I will.. πŸ˜€

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