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Just a piece of childhood memory..

Frankly speaking.. I miss my father.. 

I know it’s been very long he is not around in my life, well almost 2 decades… 20 years leh…

I keep on asking that time, why my father like photography..
And I found the answer.. “We need to keep the good moment, bcoz we didn’t know how long it will goes, as happiness so easy to fly away..”

Ok let me tell a story of my childhood:

During childtime, i was very lazy to brush my teeth.. My father keep on reminded me to do it, but i still very naughty.. I was really hate brush my own teeth and very scared to dentist on that time. 

I remembered when i was 6-7 yrs old, my father always carried me and laid down me on his shoulder helped me wake up every morning and helped brush my teeth.. 

When he wanted to send me to dentist, i always asked him to buy me colour pencils/crayons as a return. He pampered me a lot, but i still naughty and never respect him at all..

But when i was 8 yrs old, he passed away.. 
Well after that, everytime i brush my teeth and go dentist, i always remembered what he said and i realized everything is correct and everything he said is for my own sake. 

Dear father.. Thanks.. 
For teaching me how to discipline myself.. 

Friends, please precious your parents while they are still alive.. 
Sometimes they are talking very strong to you in order to make you become better person, please respect them.. Because when they are not around anymore, you will realize everything they said is true..

~Miss father~ :'(

Family.. I wish I still have you, Father.. :'(

This world teach me very tough way to live my own life.. Lost my father when I was 8 years old make me wake up that life wouldn’t be easy as it looks like.. 
So i only keep on standing in every sorrow and pain.. All of it make me getting stronger now and keep on struggling.. Thanks to the pain, sorrow and tears.. Even how stronger u are, u can’t defeat me anymore, because I’m very TOUGH girl!!!

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