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SKII Review

Oh Well.. It is my first review for SKII Products on my blog..
Since i’ve been using this products for about 4 years and until now my skin is crystal-clear and less problem, hehehe.. And i have been recommend this products to my friends and colleagues and they also said their skin got improved.

~ My first product is SKII Facial Treatment Essence, it is the best seller product and they call it “core’ of whole treatment. It is a bit smelly when first time you use it, but believe me, this product is really miracle water. In the past my face is really sensitive and acne prone until i found and tried this miracle water.. I can say until now my face always in good condition and seems like pimple really don’t like to stay in my face anymore.. Yippii!!!

~ After tried SKII Facial Treatment Essence and found it improved my skin, i tried to add in more product to my evening skin regime. I found SKII Skin Signature.. Well actually this cream got more anti-aging and to moisture skin.. I use it before sleep after applying SKII Facial Treatment Essence. After using it for months found my skin more supple and hope it really work to prevent age-ing. ^^

~ Ok from that point not enough, i need something more, haha (*so greedy), then SKII launched Cellumination Cream EX which promise you to give more bright aura clear skin in 4 weeks.. Ok i give it a try.. Well.. For me this product is much for moisturize your skin and brighten a bit of your skin. Help lighten a bit of my freckless.. ^^v
Tell a bit of my freckless face:
Well i born with freckless body and face, some people found it “cute” to have it within your cheeks, but i found it really troublesome, everyday trying to cover it with foundation or BB cream. Even some of make-up artist i worked with said i don’t have to cover my freckless because it’s my own unique, make me looks different.. Hmm.. but i really don’t like it.. and hope someday can have a proper treatment to remove all my freckless..

Ok that’s it for today.. Next time will review another new product from SKII and other brands..


Find detail at my Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/evening_skincare_essential/set?id=84203280

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