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life is too short to worry about little things; enjoy what you have today not what you might get tomorrow. have fun. fall in love. regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.

Live life to its fullest..
1. Follow your dreams, they know the way. The most fullfilling life if you can do what you love for the rest of your life.
2. Love your family and treasure them, and make them proud.
3. Treasure your best friends. As you walk your path of life, you will meet new people everyday. Never take anybody for granted and hold every person close to heart (except those who make trouble, humfff ;P)
4. Travel the world and flourish knowledge.
5. Fall in love and sharing life with someone. :’) Love is about the future and security. Love is patient . Time will prove love, getting through today and hoping tomorrow will be better.

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