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[Travel] The Lalu Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

The Architecture

The Lalu was designed by famous Australian architect Kerry Hill. His “Ongoing Style’ is an amazing and unique architectural style of moving forward of architecture , will remain timeless and fresh in many years to come. The use of natural material like stones and timber are the among the masterstroke besides the spectacular integration with Sun Moon Lake.

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The Arrival

The contemporary and Zen style hotel is surrounded by the mountains and Sun Moon Lake, offering breathtaking views of the soothing waters of Sun Moon Lake. In ancient times, the area surrounding Sun Moon Lake was known as “Shuishalian”, translated to “where water and sand meet”.

We feel relaxed and refreshed the minute we arrived at The Lalu, welcomed by traditional lion stone stature, ponds and soaking in its magical and enchanting views over lake. While waiting for room check in, we are offered with refreshing cold plum tea and almond at lobby, with glimpse of beauty of the Sun Moon Lake.

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The Common Areas

The hotel common areas are thoughtfully well designed with meaning, The courtyard with majestic stones wall and koi pond symbolize the mountain and the lake.

Architectural material palette is made of mostly earth tone granite stones, concrete blocks, timber and pebble stones, blending seamlessly with its natural surrounding.

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The Lalu infinity pool has a perfect , smooth quiet and mirror-like surface that reflect the beautiful landscape from Sun Moon Lake. When you are resting by the pool side, the pool edge seem disappear and merge with the lake . The visual effects of pool also changing along with the colors of sky, fusion blue-green of the lake, the light blue of the pool, and the blue of the sky.

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The hotel’s lighting effects are well integrated with architectural and landscape, creating amazing light and shadow effects . Special attention has also been paid to the details such as switching the water lilies to candle light in the reflective pond at the lobby.


The Room

We checked into Lakeview Suite which has a spacious living room , en suite bathroom and bedroom. The living room and bedroom connecting to a balcony with 180 degree panorama view to Sun Moon Lake.

The room has everything in warming and luxurious feel. From the bath tube , nature-inspired decorations, local fruits, flower and bonsai display at various corners, and comfortable sofas and day bed. The balcony offers relaxing spaces with inspiring and magical views of Sun Moon Lake.

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The Dining

The Afternoon Tea at Tea House

The Lalu’s traditional tea house is a floating pavilion and surrounded by a natural pond with koi fish, Kai has a very fun afternoon feeding the Koi fishes in between enjoying the wide range of traditional Taiwanese delicacies , dimsum , pastries and tea.

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The Dinner at Lake View Chinese Restaurant.

One of the best restaurant, famously serving traditional Taiwanese famous cuisine and inspired by private recipes from former president Chiang Kai-Shek.  

Our favourite dish has to be the steamed President’s Fish. The fish is Sun Moon Lake’s specialty and was originally called “Aruzay” (曲腰鱼, quyao yu, or crooked belly fish) because of the fish’s slightly crooked belly. It is called President’s Fish because it was Chiang’s favourite dish — he had to eat it every time he visited The Lalu. Although it has many bones, the texture of its meat is delicious tender and plump compare to other type of fresh water fish.

Another traditional dish we enjoyed much is Dong Po Rou (东坡肉), a traditional dish of braised pork belly, that cooked into perfection, tender and melting meat texture into mouth.

To make the dinner even more memorable and unforgettable, the hotel also surprised us with homemade birthday cake for celebrating Kai’s 3rd birthday. It make perfect ending for the dinner with traditional pastries as dessert .

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The Breakfast

The breakfast buffet offer wide range of contemporary Western and Asian delicacies. We enjoyed breakfast classics such as fluffy pancakes and granola with fresh fruits, sample our own Asian noodle soup and compliment the perfect morning with a steaming cup of coffee and a fresh fruit juice while soaking in the lake views.

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The Lalu Spa

The Lalu Spa offers spa experience to the next level by offering stunning view of the lake and surrounding mountain ranges. The spa treatment start with foot bath with flower petals , followed by their signature massage with an aromatic oils soothing body, mind and soul. Perfecting the treatment with dipping into hot indoor onsen pool after the massage.

The experience is totally mind blowing, easily one of the best spas i’ve been too.. everything is so perfect, from the check in to spa, jacuzzi area, the massage and of course the view towards #SunMoonLake

I would recommend to visit spa in the morning as the morning view is beautiful and so serene..

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The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake

Address: No. 142號, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

Phone+886 4 9285 5311

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