[Beauty] 4D Gorgeous Style Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Embroidery at Isabella Aesthetics

[Beauty] 4D Gorgeous Style Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Embroidery at Isabella Aesthetics

After a long break of eyelash extension, i decided to get a new set of eyelash extension, because why not? They are really make the eyes pop and make the eyes decent even without make up. What not to love about eyelash extension, right?!

This time i made a visit to Isabella Aesthetics to get my eyelash extension as well as eyebrow embroidery. Isabella Aesthetics conveniently located at Orchard Area, Scotts Square and they also have another brand at Jurong Point.

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Upon my arrival, the beauticians greeted me and got me to fill up the registration form.

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Then beautician showed me the types of eyelash extension and eyebrow embroidery they had. This is the first time i saw this on beauty salon, it’s so clear because they using real lashes to show you examples, so you will know which result that you are going to achieve.


After consulting the beautician, i decided to get 4D lashes in Gorgeous style. A little background, last time i always go for 2D CC curl eyelash extension because i wanted subtle effect, but now i think i wanna try more dramatic effect. I picked the length within 12-14mm, this is the longest length i’ve done so far. They even have 15mm length! And for the curl type, the beautician recommended me to try D curl, which is more curled up in comparison to CC curl.

And for the Eyebrow Embroidery, i got “Isabella Signature Hybrid Brow” which will give me a natural looking and long lasting result.


My Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Embroidery Experience at Isabella Aesthetics 

We started with eyelash extension first.

Let’s look at my natural lashes when i didn’t apply any product on my lashes, it was so short and thin, made my eyes look even smaller. And my eyebrow remained untouched since i got my eyebrow embroidery 10 months ago and it started to fade over the time.

layout 1

The eyelash extension process took around 2 hours and most of the time i fell asleep while beautician working on my lashes extension. It was totally relaxing and not pain at all. The glue used also i cannot smell at all and i woke up with fuller and voluminous eyelashes. Frankly speaking it was quite dramatic that i’ve expected but i kind of love the effect.

If you looking for same effect like this you can ask for D-Curl 4D lashes gorgeous style with 12-14mm length. It has a uniform length and give volumized effect for more dramatic look.

layout 2

Here is the better comparison before and after.  It was totally changed my whole look, i love this effect!

layout 6

After beautician done with my eyelash extension, another beautician proceeded to apply numbing cream for eyebrow embroidery preparation. 

I wouldn’t say the eyebrow embroidery process not pain at all, but numbing cream helps a lot and you hardly feel the pressure, i would rate the pain 2/10. 

The beautician draw the look with eyebrow pencil and after you are okay with the look she will proceed to do the embroidery. For the look, i prefer natural look as close as possible to my natural eyebrow shape. My natural eyebrow a bit unbalanced left and right but the eyebrow embroidery can’t really change the shape  so i guess follow natural shape to be safe.

layout 3

The Result

Here is the final look of my eyelash extension and eyebrow embroidery. Don’t you agree it’s totally changed my look? My face look more defined and in overall i look more presentable with very minimal make up.

layout 5

I received a lot of compliment from my colleagues for my eyelash extension and eyelash embroidery. Even though the eyelash extension look long and dramatic suprisingly it’s very soft and comfortable, it’s even more comfortable than wearing fake eyelashes with glue.

After care for eyebrow embroidery also consider quite easy as i get used with it already: no contact with water for a week, no contact with product contain SPF/ sunblock and apply the moisturizing cream given by the salon. Peeling will be expected after 1 week and it will reveal the actual look of the eyebrow embroidery which is lighter than the look when i step out from salon, this is common and nothing to worry about.

The best thing above all, i can save time on my make up routine and spend time to do other important things..



Overall, i am quite happy with the result. Thank you Isabella Aesthetics  for making me look prettier!


Isabella Aesthetics

Located in: Scotts Square
Address: 6 Scotts Rd, #B1 – 24, Singapore 228209
Hours: Open Daily from 10am to 9pm
Appointments: isabellaesthetics.com
Phone: 8298 9291
Isabella Aesthetics also has branch in Jurong Point, located at 63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-43 Jurong Point, Singapore 648331



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