[Beauty] Get Back My Youthful Defined Look with HIFU Treatment and Botox

[Beauty] Get Back My Youthful Defined Look with HIFU Face Lift Treatment and Botox at SL Aesthetic Clinic

Fancy my jawline on my recent photos? Well, it doesn’t come so easy as i am not blessed with perfectly defined face feature and chiseled jawline. I finally achieved the jawline and V-face that I’ve always wanted. All thanks to aesthetic treatments!


It’s been more than a year ago since i had my first Botox to soften the look of my boxy and squarish jawline. I shared before about my problem with strong jawline that makes my face look wider and more masculine. I was happy with the botox result until the result of botox wore off and my face looked “chubby” again! My friends noticed it on the photos too and thought that i had put on weight.

I decided to do botox again on my jawline to reduce the size of masseter. Hence i made the visit to SL Aesthetic Clinic for a consultation with Dr Charlene Goh.  As per Dr Charlene’s advice after listening to my needs, she suggested injecting Botox to reduce the size of my jaw muscles. She also suggested a session of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to lift my sagging jowls and reduce the appearance of my laugh lines.

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As Botox are commonly used for aesthetic treatment, let’s talk about HIFU treatment first. I’ve done similar treatment before called Ultherapy and quite satisfied with the result, now i am going to experience HIFU treatment.

What is HIFU V Facelift?

HIFU V Facelift is a non-invasive treatment that uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to lift, tone and tighten sagging skin.

HIFU V Facelift works by focusing a controlled amount of ultrasound energy at a set depth to generate highly localised heat. It is very much like a magnifying glass focusing light rays at a certain point and depth.

When applied to the skin at the correct depth, the thermal energy causes an immediate correction of the tissue and stimulates the growth of new collagen. This helps to promote skin rejuvenation. HIFU activates the skin’s regenerative process, and over the next few months, further tightening and lifting of the skin occurs!

HIFU V Facelift is a versatile procedure with a reasonable price and can treat a range of skin concerns:

➢ Chiefly, it is excellent at lifting and toning loose skin
➢ Elevates sagging skin, especially in the brows
➢ Firms and tightens the neck, double chin
➢ Sharpens the face and burns adipose tissue
➢ Fine lines are also reduced
➢ Able to treat brows, face, double chin, neck, décolletage and even buttocks!


✓ HIFU V Facelift is highly versatile and can be tailored to suit each patient’s needs, ranging from superficial to deep skin concerns
✓ Ability to perform heavy-duty lifting of the skin


HIFU V Facelift is very safe and no downtime. HIFU technology is US FDA approved, and has been in the market since 2009, with over thousands of satisfied patients in Singapore and abroad.

My HIFU Treatment Experience at SL Clinic

Before starting treatment, a therapist cleansed my face before applying numbing cream. I fell asleep for 30mins while waiting for the numbing cream to work because the treatment room is so comfortable! 

img 2

Just before treatment started, cooling gel was applied on the areas to be treated.

img 3

As my concerns are on the lower part of face, Dr Charlene focused HIFU on my cheek, below my tear trough, jawline, and my neck area. Similar to my experience during Ultherapy, i felt a tingling sensation throughout the treatment with very little discomfort. There are some sensitive area where i felt a bit more pressure but overall it was totally bearable even though I felt a bit of heat during the treatment.

img 4

There are some redness developed just after treatment but it was gone after 1-2 hrs. 

img 5

To achieve a tapered and V jawline, Dr Charlene injected Botox to my jaw area, to reduce size of muscles. I have big muscles!!!

Result of botox will be visible in 2 weeks time after the injection.

img 6

The whole treatment process took around 2 hours (including the consultation and numbing process). Dr Charlene was so friendly and the therapist was very attentive as well. Overall, they made me very comfortable throughout the treatment.

After treatment, my face felt a little swollen with redness but there were no bruising at all. I could still head out and even go shopping around after the treatment. The swelling only lasted few hours. The recovery seems much faster than when i went for Ultherapy which took a week for the swell to go away.

The Result

It’s amazing how my result can be seen in a month, as you can see from the photos below. My face look much slimmer and sharper! And i could see improvement in my skin texture and firmness.

No, I did not lose any weight!




Check out my chubby face on before and much slimmer face on after.


Can’t agree more when it is said that HIFU V Face Lift treatment can have more dramatic result if combine with botulinum neuromodulator (e.g. Botox). Especially if you have big jaw musles. I really love the shape of my face now whenever I look at myself in the mirror.

Check out my photo below on my recent trip to Iceland. No editing and with minimal make up. I am totally in love with my sharp face which gave me a lot of confidence. Skin texture and firmness was improved tremendously too! HIFU definitely makes my face look younger and fresh. Effortless beauty!

img 7

And check out my sharp jawline on the photos below. I am so satisfied with the result. People around me didn’t really noticed that I’ve done aesthetic treatment on my face. The result is so natural too.

img 8

Thanks Dr Charlene Goh and SL Aesthetic Clinic for excellent job!


Disclaimer: Results, recovery, and risks vary by the individual.

Contact SL Aesthetic Clinic for more information about HIFU V Face Lift treatment and prices in Singapore.

SL Aesthetic Clinic conveniently located islandwide, check out their location below.

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SL Aesthetic Clinic

Website: https://slclinic.com.sg/ 



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