[Fashion] Exploring Singapore Botanic Gardens with My Aleshia Dresses
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[Fashion] Exploring Singapore Botanic Gardens with My Aleshia Dresses

* This post brought to you in collaboration with My Aleshia.

Ready to bask into the afternoon sun with me? Let’s come and explore Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Singapore Botanic Gardens (the Gardens). Here are few of my favourite spots on this green sanctuary in the middle of Singapore city.

1. The Bandstand

The octagonal gazebo known as the Bandstand was erected in 1930 and has retained its original form over the years with very notable landscape feature Yellow Rain Trees (Samanea saman) surrounding it. This spot is an iconic landmark of the Gardens.

Photo 22-8-18, 6 15 22 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 17 48 PM

2. Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim (Previously known as Vanda Miss Joaquim) Garden

Vanda Miss Joaquim is Singapore’s National Flower and Singapore is the only country to have a hybrid as her national flower. On this spot, the stems of Vanda Miss Joaquim tied to flower posts for support.  The top sepal and petals are light pink, while the lower sepals are white. The angel-shaped lip in the middle is bright pinkish purple, with an orange centre that has reddish-purple spots.

Photo 22-8-18, 5 56 16 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 04 53 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 03 58 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 02 55 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 5 56 59 PM

Featuring My Aleshia Cake Floral Dress.

First thing when i saw this dress at My Aleshia website, it’s super CUTE! Never get enough on how adorable the delicate lace and tiered ruffles detail. I like the adjustable straps on this dress, thus it’s so much easier to fit according to my preference. Accesorizing this dress with raffia buckle belt and wide brim straw hat. This style really suit that afternoon sun ray at Bandstand and the iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim feature garden.

3. Sun Garden

Who doesn’t love succulents?! It really give you a lot of summer mood for your photoshoot. The desert landscape displays succulents and other plants of arid regions that stand out from the surrounding lush green tropical foliage. Who knows that this unique garden is actually located at corner at Singapore Botanic Garden?!

Photo 22-8-18, 6 53 44 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 45 47 PM

4. Sundial Garden

Inspired by European style of formal garden, you can find this beautiful symmetrical garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens. As what the garden name is, there is a sundial at the central of garden. The sundial, despite having endured much wear and tear over the years, still retains its original glory and charm, spreading a sense of well-worn tranquility and presence around the beautiful garden. 

Photo 22-8-18, 6 44 19 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 44 13 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 42 24 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 38 51 PM

Photo 22-8-18, 6 37 10 PM

Featuring My Aleshia Starlight Floral Dress.

This airy and light fabric with dotted mesh detail is everything i need for the garden shot. The ribbon tie in the middle of the dress and ruffles are too cute! I am styling it it with white sneakers and statement earrings, it also match so well with weaved basket bag. I love how classy the look of this dress, really suits Sundial Garden setting or summer mood with sucullents and spiky plants at Sun Garden.

Thanks ALESHIA for dressing me up! I love both dresses and they fit really well on me. For your reference, i am wearing size S for both dresses.

About My Aleshia

ALESHIA is an online boutique which was derived from hand-picked garments to make an unique collection of feminine pieces to all girls. The first ready-to-wear collection was designed in Hong Kong and has since evolved into a true lifestyle. The designer of ALESHIA wish to put these fashionable pieces into every girl’s dream closet.

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Instagram page: @myaleshia


*Article and write up source from Singapore Botanic Gardens website.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Opening Hours: 5 am to 12 midnight daily

Admission: Free

Location: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Tips: the nearest gate to all those spots is Tyersall Gate, and the nearest carpark is Learning Garden, thus make sure that you don’t need to walk whole Botanic Gardens to find those spots.




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