[Beauty] Get That Face Glow with Yuan Yang Facial at Perkz Aesthetics By Lash Regrowth

Natural glowing face doesn’t come so easy. If you think it can be done by make up, it’s wrong! Because make up is temporary. After you remove it, the glow will be gone too. What i mean is the natural glow, which only can be achieved by a treatment or therapy.

Glad that Perkz Aesthetics By Lash Regrowth approached me to experience their special Yuan Yang Facial. Yuan Yang Facial uses organic coffee and tea to perform the most innovative facial in town. If you ever heard about chocolate facial is common nowadays but coffee mixed with tea facial, i was expecting something more unique. On top of that, experience, there will be instant face lift after Rose Quartz crystal guasha therapy. Hmm, a bit traumatic to body guasha, so my first question, is the face guasha painful? Well, let’s go an find out on my experience below tried this treatment.

Conveniently located at Cental Clarke Quay, Perkz Aesthetics By Lash Regrowth is a one stop beauty center. Without further ado, let’s find out about Yuan Yang treatment.


Their treatment room is very spacious and bright!


I was ready to try the treatment.


Me before treatment.


This is the water infused with tea which will be used to every cleansing steps throughout the treatment. The water will be replaced few times by therapist.


First, is the make up removal and double cleansing.


And this is organic coffee brightening scrub. I’ve got to enjoy the aroma of coffee and tea.


2nd cleansing then followed by the extraction.


Rose quartz guasha therapy to improve blood circulation and remove the toxic from lymphatic nodes. Yumi, the therapist explained that the toxic usually will be moved first from left side to right side before discharging out from the body. There will be a minor discomfort at some points on the face due to toxic accumulation. And on right side you will tend to feel slightly more discomfort, but no worry, it’s totally safe and painless.


After face guasha there will be some redness on the face, but no worry, it will be okay, as it just shown that the blood circulation  had improved.


Checking thru the redness, i have more on the forehead and chin.



Subsequently, the facial followed with organic tea compress and Yumi the threapist performed relaxing shoulder massage, it was so good and feel so relaxed. Yumi is so friendly and attentive, she was  checking on me frequently whether the massage pressure is ok. She always making sure that i feel comfortable throughout the treatment.


Then, last step is the double intense tea mask.. The mask felt so warm and made me feel so comfortable.


Pardon if i scared you, lol.. The mask became harden after awhile.


Voila! Do you notice that after facial glow?! My eyes look like brighter too. And there was a slight lifting effect on my face.


Thank you Perkz Aesthetics By Lash Regrowth for pampering me, i really enjoyed the facial treatment.


Benefits of Yuan Yang Facial includes:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Help to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness
  • Increase antioxidants
  • Brighten skin tone

The usual price is $220, First trial $68.

Duration is 90min

 You can book your appointment on this link.

About Perkz Aesthetics 

Perkz Aesthetics is a subsidiary of Lash Regrowth, founded by Jas since 2016. She had helped more than 2000 women regain their long and beautiful lashes over the past 2 years. With customers growing and more services added, they established Perkz Aesthetics to offer customers more quality services and premium products to achieve desired results safely. They specialize in Butt Enhancement and they are the 1st in Singapore to launch this treatment. Beside those treatments, they also provide Bust Enhancement treatment, Dedicated Organic Facial and 24K BB Glow Facial, etc. Refer below for their other services.


Perkz Aesthetics By Lash Regrowth

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