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I’ve been a fan of Korean BBQ, especially BBQ grilled with charcoal and finally i found it at Seorae. Popular Korean Charcoal BBQ SEORAE sizzles up its mouth-watering selection with exciting new additions, sets for sharing and a merry array of soju cocktails and makkoli mixes that guarantees good times all round.
A firm favourite on the menu since launching in Singapore back in 2015, its signature Korean galmaegisal (premium pork skirt meat) has built up a loyal following ever since. Using Seorae’s special ‘circle grilling’ technique, diners can scoop up silky folds of egg  (warning! – it’s so soft and addictive!) and fiery grilled kimchi for a burst of flavours to go with their meal. For added indulgence, coat your skewers with a layer of melted cheese that surrounds the grill, offering a buttery creaminess that’s hard to resist. 
Galmaegisal (Garlic soy-sauce)

Seorae’s signature dish, premium pork skirt meat marinated with authentic Korean spices.

Once said to be reserved only for lofty Korean royalty in olden days, the exclusive sirloin- extension—forming only 250 grams between the ribs and belly of a full-grown pig—is now a must-have on every local Korean buff’s platter. Marinated in a delicious blend of Korean spices and grilled to perfection, the galmaegisal takes on the characteristics of wagyu beef; rich with flavours, and promises a tender and juicy bite. 

Spicy Samgyeobsal 
Pork belly, marinated with spicy sauce.
US beef shortplate, marinated with Seorae’s special juicy sauce.
Look at that sizzling sliced beef, so salivating! The meat are very tender and juicy.
Haemul Pajeon 
Traditional Korean pancake with fresh spring/green onions & succulent seafood. It come with special sauce.
Budae Jjigae  
Seorae’s army stew, with succulent selection of sausage, spam, bacon, fish cake, tteokboki, bean, fresh vegetables cooked in special Gochujang spicy sauce. It will warm up your bellies and very comforting.
Mix Kkochi Platter 
Charcoal grill Korean street food skewers, complete with Spicy Enoki Samgyeobsal, Kimchi Samgeyobsal, Cheese Woosamgyeobsal and Pyogo Buseot.
This fickle-friendly Kkochi Platter is new on the menu – charcoal grilled skewers oozing in an array of delicious and addictive fillings such as melted cheese, kimchi and spicy enoki wrapped in samgyeobsal (premium pork belly) or woosamgyeob (US prime beef shortplate).
Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki 
Korean rice cake cooked in Seorae’s hot sauce, served on hot pan with fried fish cake, egg, corn-cheese dumpling, ramyeon and pineapple. Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki is perfect for sharing and promises an umami good time.
Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki after mixed, it is so rich in flavour and so creamy.
Pineapple Soju
Flashy meets fleshy with the Pineapple Cocktail, featuring a whole pineapple that’s spiked with soju and scooped straight from the husk.
From the food tasting, i can say Seorae so far best Korean BBQ i’ve ever tried with good service,
Epic Lunch Menu 
Price: Starting from S$10.90
Valid: Monday – Friday, from 11.30am to 3.00pm (Not applicable on public holidays) 
Enjoy a fuss-free lunch in the heart of the city as Seorae Singapore serves up its signature selection— including Kkochi Platters, Budae Jigae, Seoul Bulogi and Dolsot Bibimbap—in affordable lunch sets (starting from S$10.90) with free drinks and side dishes that are perfect for sharing. Enjoy 20% off on your BBQ meats and get them expertly grilled to perfection by your very own server, allowing you to head back to the office without smelling like smoke. 
Kkochi Platter 
Price: S$21.90 (a la carte); S$14.90 (with minimum two BBQ meat at regular price) Valid: All day 
For the fickle eater, opt for the Kkochi Platter and treat yourselves to a variety of charcoal grilled skewers wrapped in samgyeobsal (premium pork belly) or woosamgyeob (US prime beef shortplate). Enjoy them at a reduced rate with a minimum two orders of BBQ meat at regular price. 
Ultimate Grill Set (for 2-3 pax) 
Price: Starting from S$79 Valid: All day 
Get the best of the best with Seorae’s Ultimate Grill Sets, featuring a wide selection of premium pork and beef cuts, complete with all-time favourites such as the spicy Sundubu Jjigae, refreshing Japchae and a Jeju-style Bibimbap that’s served in a stainless steel bowl. 


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Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11:30am – 10:00pm (Last order: 9.30pm) Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 11:00pm (Last order: 10.30pm) 
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