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[Media Invite] PasarBella & Friends Go to Town x i Light Marina Bay 2017

Ignite your love for all things beautiful at PasarBella..
A lifestyle destination at Suntec City & The Grandstand with new traders and activities, including a children’s playground, a sake workshop and a pop-up event in collaboration with i Light Marina Bay.

A niche player in the local F&B and lifestyle scene, PasarBella continues to push creative boundaries by introducing new traders and activities at PasarBella@TheGrandstand and PasarBella@SuntecCity. Offering you gourmet produce, cooked foods, lifestyle products and personal services for the past four years, Singapore’s pioneer indoor farmers’ market concept, PasarBella@TheGrandstand, sees the addition of a children’s playground, KIDZLAND, and collaborations with i Light Marina Bay 2017 and Sakemaru. PasarBella@SuntecCity, a gourmet food hall at the heart of town, continues to delight food-lovers with additions to its variety of international cuisine. Get blown away with epic food offerings and services, eclectic music, and incredible graffitied décor.

PasarBella & Friends Go to Town returns for the third iteration of its pop-up event in this year’s annual i Light Marina Bay 2017. Joining over 20 sustainable light art installations from around Asia and globally, PasarBella’s curated selection of passionate traders from PasarBella’s farmers’ market, PasarBella@TheGrandstand, and its second outlet at Suntec City come together under one enormous tent wherse a selection of signature dishes will be served.

BBQ Seafood Platter S$22.00

Hungry and curious visitors will be satisfied with an appetising spread of festival grub, from luscious burgers and hot dogs, to hearty Mexican burritos and nachos, fresh seafood and tantalising roasted meats. Simply enjoy your bites on a leisurely stroll along the waterfront by Marina Bay, or chill out at the alfresco dining area with your friends and family. Prices start at SGD10 for food and SGD8 for drinks.

Mushroom Burger S$19.00

Classic Dog  S$14.00

From Mexican Food Stall…

Beef Tacos S$16.00

This is a must try! when you visit PasarBella.. The beef is very tender and the sauce so good, and i love the jalapenos. The portion is very generous.

Chicken Tacos S$14.00

Fish and Chips S$15.00

Mac and Cheese S$10.00

Another comforting food, this so cheesy and creamy!

Lobster Roll and Chips $25.00

Beef and Pork Crackling

Mexican Sweet Corn S$6.00

Satay Combo (Beef, Chicken and Lamb) S$15.00

For Dessert, there are Ice Cream, Hong Kong Egglet Waffles and Churros…

Hong Kong Egglet Waffle S$7.00

You can choose from three flavour of the waffle: Original, Thyme and Lavender. Can also have the waffle and ice cream combo S$12.00 for a scoop of ice cream and S$15.00 for 2 scoop of ice cream.

My recommendation: Lavender Egglet Waffle – very fragrant 

And for the ice cream, you should try thai milk tea ice cream.. Something different and unique!

Featuring below is Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Original Egglet Waffle Flavour; Doublechoco Ice Cream with Egglet Thyme Flavour, Cookies and Cream with Lavender Egglet Waffle.

PasarBella & Friends Go To Town is definitely worth to visit, you can imagine dining under the stars, breezy winds, with music performance and of course your lovely companion. The food itself are generally good and come in generous portion, it’s good for share. And the place surprisingly is very spacious and i feel is really nice concept of outdoor food market…


PasarBella & Friends Go to Town

Address: Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

From 3 – 26 March 2017, open from 5.00pm – 11.00pm from Sundays to Thursdays and from 5.00pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


About PasarBella
PasarBella is the embodiment of its namesake, which is derived from ‘pasar’, the local term for ‘market’, and ‘bella’, the Italian term for ‘beautiful’. Inspired by global markets around the world, the PasarBella brand conceptualises market spaces where traders of all kinds are able to congregate and share in an experience that epitomises a warm and festive atmosphere, offering a unique lifestyle and foodie experience to everyone who visits PasarBella.
Their first concept, PasarBella@TheGrandstand, Singapore’s pioneer indoor farmers’ market concept, begun in 2013 as a passion project. Providing top quality products niche and exotic in nature, where interactions with passionate vendors are guaranteed, PasarBella@TheGrandstand is a premium grocery shopping destination that caters to a vast diversity of consumers. Now boasting 32 stores offering both local and international brands from the freshest seafood, meat, dairy and produce, to wines and craft beers, global cuisines and personal services. A timeless, classic and leisurely atmosphere awaits those who venture into the quaintness of this unique family-based market retreat away from the bustling city.
Late 2015, PasarBella launched their second concept PasarBella@SuntecCity, developed to offer urbanites fuss-free, freshly prepared meals, baked delicacies, savoury spreads and sweet treats within the city area. Now housing 14 gourmet concept stalls in its 7,000 square-feet retail space, PasarBella@SuntecCity boasts a selection of niche food purveyors, wine and beer merchants and a craft retailer, gathered to provide a onestop Food & Beverage shopping destination. The space takes inspiration from the streets of Lower East Side New York City, with graffitied walls and street art illustrations of happy food and familiar cartoon caricatures, hanging fruit crates and urban paved walkways that resemble a bustling street scape littered with vibrant stalls coupled with the aromas of freshly prepared food, set to satisfy all your senses.
A place of enchantment for visitors of all ages, both PasarBella@SuntecCity and PasarBella@TheGrandstand will continue to stay true to its goal of being a warm, community-based, open-concept market and space.


200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994


#01-455 North Wing, Suntec City 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983


Website: http://pasarbella.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pasarbella/

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