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When people always asking me what is the biggest skin problem which has become my insecurities and affecting my confident, is my freckless and pigmentation. I’ve been having freckless with me since i was toddler age due to genetic. And over the time it developed more and more on my face. I am always applying the 50SPF sunblock on daily basis but working outdoor and under sun made my condition worsen.

It’s my first visit to Gangnam Laser Clinic last week and I met Dr Mag for consultation. First i need to fill up the form about my skin, after that she helped to analyze my skin and the problem surfaced on my skin. I had a combination skin where the cheek area are dry and the T-zone is oily. I had pigmentation around my cheek and my pores are also got bigger due to aging. I also had bad pore clogged around my nose area. She recommended Gangnam Signature Laser Facial for pigmentation problem and also helps reduce the big pores. 

About Gangnam Signature Laser Facial Treatment

Gangnam Laser Facial a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a wide variety of different skin conditions. It is a non invasive treatment that can be used to rejuvenate dull skin, resulting in brighter, livelier skin tone while at the same time addressing issues of laxity especially in skin with early sagging. The laser facial also improves skin texture, pores, mild acne scarring as well as many different issues of abnormal pigmentation including freckles, sun spots and age spots, resulting in lasting improvement.

The laser facial is:

  • Relatively painless
  • Fuss-free and quick
  • No down-time
  • Affordable

The doctor will tailor a plan for you to provide the most appropriate treatment with the best outcome. Gangnam Laser Facial includes different components which target different issues at hand.  

First step from Facial Treatment is removing the make up around the area where the treatment will be performed, on my case is the cheek area.

After that Doctor Mag performed the laser treatment which takes between 5 to 10 minutes. There is a warm prickly sensation which is not painful. And you can smell the burning but not too worry, it’s not burning your skin and it doesn’t harmed you at all.

Fractional Laser Peel

This laser facial is a safe and effective way to remove dead cells and discolouration, shrink pores without using chemicals. It can be used to brighten and lighten the skin, control acne, improve skin tone and texture and minimise pores. The feeling during this treatment is ticklish sensation on face.

Dr Mag also performed the intensive laser treatment on spots especially on the specific area.

I picked two points on my cheeks, as you can see on the picture marking with the arrows in red. And surprisingly the intensive laser spot treatment shown an instant result, where a spot on my cheek is completely gone, you can see from before-after picture below. On the left is where the red circle is showing a spot before treatment and on the right where the red circle is showing obviously that a spot gone after treatment. No filter, no photoshop!

Disclaimer: Result may vary depends on skin conditions.

A cool hydrating mask followed by sun block will be applied by the clinic assistant as your post treatment care. And at the end of treatment, doctor gave me a tube of cooling mask for treatment at home.

Patients can often see results after one treatment although optimal results are achieved after 3-6 sessions. Typically it is done on a fortnightly basis. There is no discomfort or downtime.

Gangnam Laser Facial treatment can be done at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the type of treatment, skin condition and response to the treatment.  Patients should see improvement in their skin condition after a course of treatment and the doctor will advise and ensure that treatment remains effective and safe at all times.

Hmmm, i can’t wait for my next visit to Gangnam Laser Clinic for another treatment to reduce my pigmentation because i am quite happy with the result. Thank you Gangnam Laser Clinic.

Gangnam Signature Facial costs affordably at $148 (excl GST).

Beside the laser treatment, Gangnam Laser Clinic also provide services for filler, botox and threadlift procedure. Dr Mag also helped me to analyze on my face feature if in the future i consider to do filler, botox or threadlift. My cheek is started to sunk due to aging, so she recommended me to do filler on my cheek area and the laugh line. Beside the aging problem, i also highlighted to her that i would consider to do threadlift on my nose and enhance my jawline feature. Even tho she told me that actually my jawline is alright, but i always feel that my natural jawline looks “squarish” and masculine. And due too much skin on my “flat” nose, i need to do filler on my nose before i can do the threadlift. I wish i have chance in the future to enhance my face feature. Thank you Gangnam Laser Clinic and Dr Mag for the advise and recommendation.

Gangnam Laser Clinic also provide laser treatment for body such as IPL, liposonic and body sculpting.

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