[Beauty Services Review] Arch Angel Brow Korean Eyebrow Embroidery

Having a well groomed eyebrow is definitely life changing experience, it totally change the overall look on the face. I would say that having a nice shape of eyebrow will enhance the feature on face. It can helped you to even look younger with the type of eyebrow that you choose.

For myself, eyebrow is the most important thing on my make up routine, I can’t step out from my home with bare undrawn eyebrow. And i spend so much time in the morning to draw an even eyebrow. Sometimes my colleagues even realize that my eyebrow is too thick or uneven, too much hassle for me to draw eyebrow every single morning.

Having a privilege to try eyebrow embroidery is such an experience. I guess no turning back after i tried it. Sharing my experience with Arch Angel Brow Korean Eyebrow Embroidery here. It’s a journey to flawless eyebrow.. 🙂

Arch Angel Brow is a beauty specialist that first opened its doors in July 2015 at 321 Clementi, a new mall situated a stone’s throw away from Clementi MRT station. An oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling city landscape, Arch Angel Brow is the brainchild of two enterprising ladies, Kelly and Eileen, who have combined experience of 18 years in the beauty industry.

I guess when you heard about eyebrow embroidery you will imagine about those cheap neighbourhood salon where aunties usually go and get the eyebrow tatoo and the result are so unnnatural and too thick/ dark and might end up looks like Chinese wayang (Chinese street opera). Ok then you have to forget about that once you heard about Korean Eyebrow Embroidery. The difference within conventional eyebrow embroidery and Korean embroidery is the result. Korean embroidery can achieve more natural looking result.

Arch Angel Brow is the first beauty salon to introduce Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore. This unique, breakthrough embroidery technique which uses a state-of-the-art semi-permanent embroidery technique from Korea is exclusive only to Arch Angel Brow and allows you to achieve natural-looking, well-groomed brows immediately with:
– No downtime (i.e. your brow colour does not darken for a week after);
– No aftercare required; and
– No interruption to your regular beauty regime.

The effect from Arch Angel Brow semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery can last from about 1.5 to 3 years with touch-up.

Here is the menu for the eyebrow embroidery, Kelly, the lady boss cum Art Director at Arch Angel Brow picked the Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery for me.

Arch Angel Brow practices a semi-permanent technique to design and create natural-looking brows that complement your facial features using only 100% natural botanical pigments from Korea. Their advanced technique ensures that the brows will not take on a reddish or bluish hue over time and will instead fade to your brows’ original colour.

First, Kelly checked on my natural eyebrow and analyze which shape and colour suitable for my face feature. Of course you can also let her know your preference if you have any picture sample of eyebrow shape or colour that you like.

After understanding my preference, Kelly started to draw the shape with eyebrow pencil and adjust the colour of the eyebrow. At first i would like to have straight eyebrow because i thought it will make me look younger, hehe.. But in the end she done sample on each  eyebrow, one straight and another one with slightly curved,  Surprisingly the slightly curved one suits my face and compliment my feature, i love it so much, so Kelly proceeded with the slighty curved eyebrow shape. 

And for colour, i prefer to have medium brown, similar to my usual drawn eyebrow colour. Because i feel the light brown might be too light and the dark brown is too strong for me. But it really depend on customer preference, Arch Angel Brow can customize the colour according to customer preference, it can even match with your hair colour. Kelly also trimmed my natural eyebrow follow the shape that we already agreed.

After settled with the shape and the colour, Kelly marked the line for her to do the embroidery. Then numbing cream applied on both eyebrow. I’ve to wait around 15-20 minutes until the numbing cream works on my skin.

Why numbing cream is applied? To have a painless experience during eyebrow embroidery. But no worry, it’s actually not really painfull. During the process itself, it feels similar to eyebrow tweezing.

Kelly started her work to do eyebrow embroidery. If you asking me the rate of pain, i can say it’s only 3 out of 10. The numbing cream does help too, what you feel it’s like the small ants bite very gently.

After done, Kelly also make sure i satisfy with the result . Whenever i have comments, she quickly adjusted it and redo again the embroidery. I can say  she is very perfectionist and her work result is flawless. She is very patient too on handling the customer requests.

This is side by side comparison before and just right after eyebrow embroidery. On the left is my bare natural eyebrow, so thin and uneven, and on the right is after Korean eyebrow embroidery Can you see how natural the result is?!

Ok and this is the result before and after one week eyebrow embroidery. On the left is my bare natural eyebrow and on the right is after one week Korean eyebrow embroidery. I am so happy with the result as it’s quite even and look very natural. And the colour doesn’t even fade, it becoming more and more beautiful.


After Care

  • After eyebrow emboidery it is adviseable not to apply any whitening products around the eyebrow areas: Sunblock, SPF products, BB cream, foundation, powder, etc.
  • To apply eyebrow gel given by the salon every morning and evening to maintain the colour.

My eyebrow is on fleek.. Yipiii!!!

Frankly speaking, it was my virgin experience on eyebrow embroidery and i love it so much. Thanks to Arch Angel Brow for giving me one pair of pretty eyebrow. Now i don’t need to worry about uneven eyebrow and save time because i don’t need to spend much time to draw my eyebrow during my rush hour in the morning. I woke up with pretty eyebrow in the morning!

Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery cost $980 for Senior Staff and $1280 for Art Director, including two touch-ups, one after three weeks and the second one before a year is up.

Aside from eyebrow embroidery, Arch Angel Brow is also cater all beauty needs through our suite of customized beauty treatments and services, including
– Eyelash Extension
– Eyeliner Embroidery
– Lip Embroidery
– Hairline Embroidery
– Facial treatments.


I can say that Korean eyebrow embroidery is really worth to try! As you don’t have to worry and too hassle about your eyebrow anymore.

First 20 customers who quote “Yuni” when booking an appointment for Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery will be entitled to Arch Angel Brow’s signature facial worth S$188.

Arch Angel Brow

Address: 321 Clementi, #01-18 (New mall near Clementi MRT Station)
Tel Number: +65 6250 1151

Facebook : row/
Instagram: @archangelbrow





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