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[Media Invite] Barashi-Tei, Traditional Japanese Cuising Made With Love

If you are looking for decent traditional Japanese food with reasonable price, Barashi-Tei is definitely worth to visit. Located at the busy city area, at Middle Road, Barashi-Tei is definitely a place for you to enjoy a good quality Japanese food, which come with good service.

“Made from scratch, no short-cuts.”
With its stunning natural landscape and strong cultural identity, Japan is well-loved by many for its deliciously fresh cuisine. Also known for being nutritious, with a diet based around super-fresh, seasonal products, you don’t have to travel to Japan to enjoy these anymore.
Founder and Chef, Mr Wang Zhen Feng is proud to present Barashi-Tei, his new Japanese restaurant which serves only dishes made with freshest ingredients from Japan. With an able team in the kitchen and a head chef with more than 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, this is one Japanese restaurant to take note of. Zhen Feng, 31 this year, picked up his culinary skills from a 60-year-old Japanese Master Chef who has more than 40 years of experience. Zhen Feng left his hometown in Hainan, China to come to Singapore to learn from his Master for 10 years. Before becoming an apprentice / chef, Zhen Feng was a Fitness Teacher, and he believes traditional Japanese food is better for health, as they are usually non-greasy and made of fresh ingredients. His motto when it comes to learning about Japanese food, “Do not just learn how to cook them, it is equally important to learn the Japanese culture and spirit 精神, to bring out the essence of Japanese food.”

Avocado Salmon Salad 
[Price: $13.80]

This pretty colourful dishes is the salad, with salmon and avocado, it comes with sesame sauce.
Chirashi Don 
[Price: $23]
• Rice from Japan.
• No seasoning, only freshness from sashimi and rice.
• 4 types of sashimi (Salmon, Mackerel, White Tuna, Mekajiki)
• Tamago freshly made from scratch, no chemical/preservatives used*
*Something interesting: Zhen Feng shared that if you observe carefully, their Tamago is not shaped perfectly, that’s because they hand-make them from scratch. Compare that with those mass-produced types, you can see quite a difference. Also, for those factory-made Tamago, if you freeze them, take them out and thaw, they will still be fine to be eaten, texture remains consistent. If you freeze the freshly-made Tamago, take them out and thaw, they will shatter.
I called this dishes, “goodness in the bowl”, it’s not only pretty and photo worthy, it was also taste very good. The sashimi meat are very generous and chunky, those salmon, mackerel, white tuna and mekajiki slices are so sweet and succulent. Topped with tobiko and shiso (perilla leaf), wasabi and ginger. 
Ika Teriyaki 
[Price: $13.80]
This grilled squid with teriyaki sauce is very sweet and succulent, shown that this is a fresh squid. The meat suprisingly very tender and a bit chewy, it was grilled perfectly, look at that pretty colour.
Bara Chirashi 
[Price: $13.80]
• Rice from Japan.
• 4 types of sashimi (Salmon, Mackerel, White Tuna, Mekajiki)
• Sashimi cut into cubes for easy consumption, good bite size.
• Special sauce made with Shoyu which they brew themselves.
• Tamago freshly made from scratch, no chemical/preservatives used.
I called this dishes is the pretties chirashi bowl ever. Look at that colourful topping consist of salmon sashimi, tuna cubes, mackerel cubes, white tuna cubes, homemade tamago, tobiko and kyuri (Japanese cucumber) on top of Japanese rice! Really love this dishes, it’s very rich flavour without any additional shoyu. It’s a must try when you visit this restaurant.
Dragon Maki 
[Price: $8.80]
Maki wrapped in sushi rice and topped with unagi and avocado. The unagi and it’s sauce made this roll so savoury.
Spicy Salmon Maki 
[Price: $12.80]

This is my favourite! The crispy ebi wrapped with fluffy sushi rice and topped with salmon slices, spicy mayo and tobiko. I was hoping they add the mentaiko onto it to make this dishes more perfect.

Wasabi Ebi 
[Price: $7.80]

Another favourite during the tasting. As much as i love prawn mayonnaise, this dishes is perfection with wasabi. Topped with tobiko, the prawn coating is crispy and the prawn itself is very sweet and succulent. 
Rice Paper Ebi Maki 
[Price: $10.80]
I found this dishes is like a fushion, perhaps Japanese with Vietnamese, very unique and it was my first time trying something like this. The fried prawn (ebi), tamago, lettuce are wrapped with rice paper roll and topped with tobiko. When first bite it, i didn’t expect that the prawn is so crispy, it’s really like a surprise happening in your mouth.
Kurama Ebi 
[Price: $7.80]

This version is with the salted sauce, topped with tobiko, the prawn coating is crispy and the prawn itself is very sweet and succulent.

Tara Nabe Teishoku 
[Price: $26]
• Slow-boiled soup stock using fish bones and chicken bones.
• Whole mackerel from Japan.
This dishes is one of my favourite, the soup are very tasty and natural, the flavour came from all the goodness of ingredients. The mackarel fish slices are very fresh and sweet, such a comforting food.
Sirloin Steak Foie Gras 
[Price: $19.80]

I didn’t had foie grass part due to a reason (you know why!) but i really love the sirloin steak, the meat is extremely tender and juicy.
Oyster Bacon Kushi 
[Price: $3.80 each]
I am not a fan of oyster, so i only enjoyed the bacon part. If you are the oyster lover, you have to try this.
Pudding of The Day 
[Price: $3.80]

During our tasting we had the strawberry pudding. Like the milky flavour and the soft texture, but i wish that the strawberry essence less strong and probably will be better to be a bit sourish as usual strawberry flavour.
During the tastings session i had warm Yuzu Drink [Price: $3.80], it’s homemade yuzu (they brew their own Yuzu Tea) and not overly sweet. You can have other drink such as Green Tea [Price: $1.20] and any other drinks.

Barashi-Tei takes pride in making their food from scratch, no short-cuts, and that includes even their Shoyu, desserts, and drinks. They are proud of their handmade Tamago, it’s so good that even suppliers buy from them (each order can go from 100 to 150 strips of Tamago) to sell to other restaurants. 
I will definitely come back to have my favourite dishes and try other dishes they offer. For your info, they have special lunch menu with a very affordable prices, you should come and visit to try.

266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel: 8421 5228
Opening Hours:
11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm DAILY

Follow their instagram acc: @barashitei
Facebook acc for news and promotion:

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