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[Beauty Treatment Review] Wellness First: Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Home Spa Experience

My daily life is filled by rushing deadlines and never ending overtime. I don’t know whether I should be grateful or not, while other company starts to retrench their staff, our company is trying their best to keep all the staff. By not hiring new people it means my team have more work to be done. Somehow I felt that I am the busiest person running around here and there. I felt that I have no time to pamper myself.

It’s been very tough to make appointment for a body or face treatment to suit my schedule. Worst of it all, every time I need to work overtime and go home late. I had to skip a lot of exercise time, missing my yoga class and unable to swim or head to the gym for weights training.

But when I heard about this Hydrotherapy technology, I felt that it’s a good idea to have this machine to help you to relax, exercise and detox at the same time. This Hydrotherapy technology is a home spa system, you can install at home and enjoy spa at any time. No matter how late at night when I finish work. No more making appointment, no more rushing to treatment center, just go back home and enjoy any time of the day I am able to spa at home.

All I need is 15 minutes daily to get the benefit of this spa. What? Yes! It is hard to believe but that’s true! Only 15 minutes is all it takes to feel the effects. To be able to enjoy 5 key benefits, 1. Internal Warming 2. Blood Circulation (Exercise Effect) 3. Full Body Massage 4. Deep Cleansing. 5. Body Contouring
My Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Home Spa Experience
I felt very excited when I received an invitation from Wellness First to try out this Hydrotherapy technology. So here we go, my “virgin” experience trying out this Hydrotherapy Spa.
There are 7 different essential oils targeted at the major systems and organs of the body. Nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal and muscle structure, circulatory system and the skin. They are made and imported from Germany, quality and purity are prioritized. These are special water soluble essential oils which are formulated for Hydrotherapy. 

Before we start I was advised to choose 3 different types of essential oils to cater for my needs. Chamomile for my skin, Lavender for relaxing and Juniper for muscle relaxation. It was mixed together and poured the essential oil into the bathtub filled with hot water. Then they  activate the machine, the water started to develop into ultrasonic bubbles.
There are 5 different positions of bathing that they suggested for for me to try out.

Position 1 : Crouch, The bubbles massage essential acupoint at our private and sensitive area. Benefits problems such as piles, constipation and prostate

Position 2: Sit, the ultrasonic bubbles massage the lower back, calves, knees and inner thigh. Good for relaxing the muscles on my legs.

Position 3: Prostrate, powerful bubbles will massage the chest, abdomen and help massage on inner organs. You may also like to put your face into the water and enjoy face spa.

Position 4: Slant, this position massages the lymph nodes under the arm pit to facilitate detoxification. It is also good for body contouring.

Position 5: Lie, the most relaxing position. Let the bubbles massage the neck, shoulders, back, and spine, promote blood circulation and release the tension on your back muscles.
The whole room smells very good! Before I dip into the bath tub. Aromatherapy is already taking effect. Awaking my senses, lifting up my mood and helps me breath better. Especially with the haze in Singapore I need more fresh air and negative ions to take good care of my respiratory system and lungs.
Well, I chose position 5 lying down, it just feels the whole back area is being massage all together at one go. Due to the nature of my job, my back is always very uncomfortable. This position really help me to apply pressure on my back area. 
During the treatment I feel very relax. Combining Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Spa and Massage altogether. It will take more than fifteen minutes to enjoy all these benefits at one time. With technology, now we can enjoy it.
The water is set to 40 degrees. Hot spring lovers will definitely love it! But it all depends on your preference and health condition. Not everyone is suitable for this temperature. But it is more effective. The water bubble pressure is adjustable just like different people like different intensity of massages. Some like strong massage and some like soft massage.
After Spa, I feel that my body is feeling tired, like just having exercise and burnt a few hundred calories. Kind of feeling weird because just by lying in the bathtub, I can feel that I have just finish an intensive workout. And yet my muscles felt relaxed and lighter.  I definitely feel good after the spa session.

My face is “glowing” after the first spa treatment. My skin is reddish because of good blood circulation on my body. My skin also looks fairer and feels smoother. 

This machine is also can be used for foot spa. For people who are immobile or not enough space for bathtub. It also have the same effects. Above picture is the container for foot spa.
The spa itself is very safe for family with babies, they be happy to play around with bubbling water and it’s pets friendly too, you can Spa your pet with this Hydrotherapy technology.

Trying this spa is an amazing experience that I have never encounter before.
Come and try out yourself to feel the benefits of it and what it can do to your body.
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