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[Media Tasting] Experience GOROGORO Steamboat & Korean Buffet at Orchard Gateway@emerald

Who doesn’t love steamboat? Steamboat or hot pot is a symbol for gathering with family and friends. I really love steamboat, especially when you can have more variety then it will be even more fun. 
So when i got invited to experience steamboat dining at GOROGORO Steamboat and Korean Buffet Restaurant, i was so surprise to find the large variety of steamboat and buffet foods. And even more surprise when i found out about their prices. Believe me, i think this is the most affordable steamboat buffet that you can find. Good food and pocket friendly.. 
GOROGORO Steamboat and Korean Buffet Restaurant provides a cozy environment for light-hearted gleeful dining experiences without burning a hole in pockets!

Notice how an empty tummy goes “gorogoro”? That’s the inspiration for the name! It is also the bubbling sound from our delectable broth boiling, each represented by a cute monster.
This popular soy sauce Korean chicken wings is one of their buffet food, those are really yummy! Must try when you visit this place. Pssst, you should quickly grab this at the moment you see it because it always finish very fast.
GOROGORO caters to different taste buds with six choices of broth to select from: Ginseng Chicken, Beauty Collagen, Mala, Tomyum, Tomato and Vegetarian! There are also up to 70 selections of fresh meats, vegetables and drinks available to savour!

My experience with 6 type of soup base, rated based on most likes into less preference:

A. Mala

The simmering spicy broth boiled with exotic spices and herbs. Said to be originated from Sichuan & Chongqing, the mala recipe was regined & evolutionalized to be one of the most popular aromatic soups in the Chinese food culture.

– Most of my close friends know that i love spicy a lot, my spicy level is super high compare than common people.. LOL! Dunno why, but i couldn’t eat without chilli. So you can guess that Mala soup base is definitely my most favourite compare than other soup base flavour. The Mala flavour is so rich and the soup itself makes everything that go into the soup becoming more tasty. Well, now i know where i should go to satisfy my Mala craving. It’s GOROGORO Steamboat!
B. Collagen Beauty
Prepared with GoroGoro’s secret recipe, this broth not only gives you the ooomph of great taste, it is full of cellular goodness for our skin & connective tissues. Is it any wonder why it is touted as a beauty soup?
A little secret to share.. Their collagen broth are boiled for at least 12 hours to extract the very last taste and goodness from the stock and spices!
– I love all things collagen, well i think all ladies also love it. And this collagen soup flavour is my second preference at GOROGORO Steamboat. The texture of the soup is quite thick compare than the rest and milky colour, you can definitely taste the savoury collagen on it.
C. Tom Yum 
When a native Thai says Aroi, he is commenting that the food is delicious or delightful. This may be why the TomYam taste is world famous cause it is simply Aroi!
– Well, as you can guess again, all things chilli and spicy, i would love it! Tom Yum is another option of y favourite soup. But somehow, i feel that the texture of soup should be thicker and more spicy.
D. Vegetarian
Vegetarians and the health-conscious mind will find this broth done just right. Less fat but full of veggie goodness!
– Surprisingly this taste good, actually i didn’t feel that’s vegetarian soup, i even can taste prawn on it, not so sure whether it’s real prawn or vegetarian prawn. But overall this soup it’s pretty sweet and tasty. Reminded me of my mother in law Cantonese style homemade soup.
E. Ginseng
Just a taste of this broth will make you feel as though you are transported back to an ancient Korean Imperial Emperor’s banquet. Ginseng chicken soup is Korea’s culinary identity – a definite must try!
– This Ginseng soup taste very light. I am a fan of thick soup, so for me this ginseng soup is not preferable. But some people might like it. 
F. Tomato
When we think of tomato soup. we think of canned tomato soup. Throw away the can and prepare the soup with real tomato recipes retaining its rich micronutrients for physical & spiritual nourishment!
– At first i feel so excited to find Tomato soup. But i feel that the Tomato soup is a bit too sour and not sweet. I was imagining that the soup would be better if it is more sweet and with a balanced sour. But again some people might like it, depends on the preference.

Their meat selection are so fresh. You can take as many as you want.. 

Seafood, fishball, tofu, sausages, etc.. 

Cooked food in Korean style.

You can find variety of Korean food too, Topokki, Japchae, etc.

Fresh vegetable selection, cannot decide which one i should get because too many option to choose..

Free flow drinks. I love the chesnut water.. So sweet and fragrant. To help neutralize the oily mala soup you can also choose Korean Tea.

Korean noodles on cooked food part.

And our steamboat party started..

Well, i ate most of steamboat stuff on my favourite mala soup.

Everything so fresh and so good.

We all couldn’t stop eating!

And last part is dessert, Korean Ice Cream.. There are few flavour: Soda, Melon and Chocolate.

I picked Melon flavour, need something refreshing after steamboat.

Overall experience, i think GOROGORO Steamboat & Korean Buffet is very affordable and worth for money. The place is very cozy and not over-crowd like other steamboat restaurant. I would love re-visit this place for their good steamboat and yummy chicken wings. Definetely would recommend this place to my friends. 

Thanks GOROGORO and @ighutdotcom for having me.. :))

Talking about affordable price, refer below for the pricelist at GOROGORO Steamboat and Korean Buffet.

$12.9++ Weekday Buffet Lunch *
$19.9++ Weekend Buffet Lunch

LIKE & SHARE our Facebook, and FLASH your student/ senior citizen cards to get this special promo!
Hurry make your reservations at 6385 7854 – run down to GoroGoro, play with our monsters and and eat all you can! smile emoticon
– Weekday Lunch: 1.5 hours dining time
– Dinner/ Weekend: 2 hours dining time
– Valid till 31 March 2016
– Not applicable with other promos, discounts & privileges
* Weekday Lunch not applicable on PH

Hungry go where? GOROGORO of course!


Address: 218 Orchard Road | Orchard Gateway@emerald, #04-01, Singapore 238851
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset MRT

How to go there? 
Take the direct lift from B2 to Level 4 from beside Crate and Barrel, Orchard Gateway@emerald

Visit their facebook page for more info and promotion:


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