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[Food Review] Wholesome New Mixes from Garden Picks for Festive Season

It’s Festive season again!

Are you already stocking up on your Chinese New Year goodies?

How about hosting your guests with some wholesome yet awesome snack mixes from Garden Picks?

Garden Picks has always pride themselves as the wholesome snacks provider. And when we say wholesome, it does not have to be bland and boring. Wholesome snacks can certainly be yummy and a joy to munch on, best part is, without guilt!

As seen on my previous post about the nuts products from them, i always trust Garden Picks for my wholesome snacks.

So for this Chinese New Year, Garden Picks have NEW interesting and unique mixes:

• Trail Mix
Ingredients: Baked Cashew, Roasted Chickpeas, Natural Sunflower Seeds, Baked Almond, Green Raisins, Goji Berry
Nutritious and yummy, this pack is good for energy and a delicious snack in its own right. Best beauty of this? You can add just anything in it and create your own exciting mixes.
Price: 130gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80
When first time saw this snack, omg so healthy, how can be goji berry inside this mix, haha, but anyway i enjoyed muching it.
Ingredients: Baked Cashew, Roasted Peanut, Dark Chocolate, Pretzel
Delicious combination of pretzel pieces and lightly roasted peanuts, mixed with chunky chocolate chips, enjoy a bowl of goodness with milk or simply snack them on their own!
Price: 140gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80

If you like savoury flavour, this might be your favourite! The salty pretzel and chocolate is very addictive.. 
Ingredients: Baked Cashew, Roasted Peanut, Cranberry (Raspberry) Fusion, Dried Blueberry
We love peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches for so many reasons. So this is great news for fans out there who can’t possibly munch on sandwiches all day long!
Price: 110gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80

• Tropica Mix
Ingredients: Diced Pineapple, Philippines Mango, Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes, USA Cranberry)
Fragrant dried mangoes, cranberries and coconut chips, this is an ideal buddy when you want to prep some overnight oats for that wholesome indulgence. Add this mix into your oats, chill overnight and enjoy the very next day. It can certainly be an interesting dessert.
Price: 110gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80

Can you make a guess, which one is my favourite??? 
Answer is Tropica Mix. Because i love dried coconut and dried mango a lot, they mixed well with sweet and sour cranberry and pinneaple, i can say it’s perfect combination. Yummm!!! Pssst, i finished a packet of this mix within a few days.

Garden Picks Food Manufacturing LLP
Address: 8A Admiralty Street,
#06-05, FoodXchange,
Singapore 757437.

Tel: (+65) 66594859


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