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[Beauty Service Review] CCA Hair Singapore at Far East Plaza

As seen on my instagram @yuniqueyuni, i finally changed my hair style.. 
Again, i fell in love with korean concept hair salon. Being invited to try their service is an honour for me.. 

DoYeon, the salon manager helped me a lot during my visit. She helped to analyze my hair and gave me suggestions about which hairstyle suit me best. 
At first, i was hesitate to perm my hair again due to high maintenance. And i prefered to do a bit of hair cutting, colour highlight and treatment. But DoYeon said S-curl perming suits me better. So i give it a try, since i was boring with my flat and extremely long hair (reached my waist alrd, lol).
CCA Hair Singapore conveniently located at prominent Orchard area, you can find them at Far East Plaza 2nd floor, unit #02-92.

With very unique concept salon deco, rustic stuff, bare concrete industrial look.

Be ready for different style upon entering this zone…

My previous hair when i just arrived at CCA Hair Singapore. Flat, dry and boring. Can’t wait for “something different” tranformation.

DoYeon helped to translate to the stylist in-charge for my hair, Haru. Haru speak simple English, but don’t worry, he can understand most of the conversation. DoYeon is there too to help. After consultation, they have decided to cut my hair about 10cm to elimiate dry hair so the perm result will be better.

After washed hair, Haru started to cut my hair.

Haha my hair damn loooong! It deserved to be chopped, LOL!

After cut my hair, they applied treatment cream on my hair before start the perming process.
It need heat/ steamer to make the treatment works.
After treatment and washed my hair again they applied perming chemical to break my hair bone. Haru being helped with other stylist.
Then steam my hair again.
Haru stated to curl my hair. Put those rolls on my hair..

Curling progress stated.

Hot hot hot.. I prayed the curl will turn out nice.. 

Perming almost done..
Haru applying stabilizer on my hair after perming.

Haru and another stylist helped to blow dry my hair.

Voila!!! I love the curl. It’s really beyond expectation.. My hair revived!

Selfie after finish the hair perming, omg, i feel my hair so smooth because of the hair treatment earlier. Can you see those curl?

Haru, he is my hairstylist.

Haru is so funny, had an entertaining conversation with him when he was doing my hair.

Took tons of selfie with my new hair style… Really really love the curl… Omg, i am so happy. Thank you so much CCA Hair for “beautifying” my hair.. :))
Selfie on fitting room during shopping after stepped out from salon. Still can’t believe i have a nice permanent curl.

Close up of my perming result from behind… Love love love! πŸ™‚

Thank you CCA Hair Singapore for good service and opportunity to try and review your service. Will definitely recommend this salon to my fellow friends. 

CCA Hair Singapore

CCA Hair Singapore Pte Ltd
Korea Beauty Hair Salon
14 Scotts Road #02-92 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Contact: +65 6262 0691 / +65 6262 0692

Instagram: @ccahairsg_official

Well like people said: “My life is not perfect, but my hair is..”

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