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[Product Review] LIN’s Australia – Tilley Soy Candle and Tilley Reed Diffuser

I can say that i am extremely particular on home deco. I spent a lot of time from thinking the concept until hunting for home deco.

Yes, i’ve been seldom taking my ootd. For myself and hubby nowadays, weekend is spending some quality time at home.. Cooking for hubby, still unpacking my wardrobe (pls don’t ask why? you know that i have bursting!).. Having more time to decorate the house and have some “me” time enjoying this delicate and sweet Lily of Valley reed difuser and soy candle from LIN’s Australia. 

I really having a great time to do photograph flatlay and product photograph at my new place. And this home spa product really complement my style of living room deco. The smell (Lily of Valley) is also recommended, they are very relaxing.
Delicate,fresh and hypnotic, this beautiful lily of the valley candle instantly delights. Made from the finest ingredients with a slow burning lead-free cotton wick, the glowing white frosted glass container adds an elegant ambiance to any décor. Burn Time 45 hours.
Price: $55.00
You can but this product at LIN’s Australia


The deliciously fresh, green, deep waft of Lily Of the Valley makes every bathroom complete. This premium quality diffuser will fragrance your bathroom/ home for up to 6 months.
Price: $69.00
You can buy the product at LIN’s Australia

About LIN’s Autralia 

Bringing nature into urbane settings, LIN’s seeks to exude the wonders of mother earth with our natural and organic concept into your lifestyle.

Envisioning the needs of modern living, LIN’s embraces a natural and an organic concept that holistically intertwines all your senses, proffering the ultimate sensory adventure and capturing the good from the earth, transforming its beauty into a conglomerate of touches, scents and visuals. Transcending boundaries and bringing nature into urbane settings, you can experience all of our nature’s wonders painstakingly sourced to help create a mood of everlasting tranquillity surrounding your abode.

In LIN’s, you can assimilate a range of quality skin, body, hair and scented natural products with an organic interpretation of beauty into an everyday routine. Extracted from plants with selective bottling of nature, to deliver gentle, wholesome and delicate products that are the best off our soil.

Our approach to conceptualizing LIN’s products lies purely on our goal of harnessing the purity and essence of Mother Nature for the benevolence to one’s wellness. Appropriately selected natural greens, essential oils, organic extracts and other plants blended scientifically into our repertoire of creations will enhance or rejuvenate. You will only need to see, smell and feel LIN’s to experience our dedication to perfecting the art of using nature to transcend beyond worlds.

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