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[Outfit Post] Classy and Chic Part Three

Yeap, it’s another series of Classy and Chic after Classy and Chic Part One and Classy and Chic Part Two, perhaps you can expect another series of this kind of ootd, lol!

Been busy, really busy than before, probably the most busy time in my life ever. Piling up works in office and not forgetting homeworks at home, cooking and tidy up home. Still haven’t finish unpack tho.. T.T OMG! I need to balance my life..

And lack of OOTD shots lately makes me focus on posting foods (because lately i attending a few media tasting) or reviewing other stuff. Pardon me! But hey i still love fashion, so i will not give up. Will keep on updating my OOTD too. 

I wish can settle our plan for few trips too this year and next year.. Omg, so many things to do, feels excited but somehow tired too.. Thinking too much, always expecting everything will be smooth.

Updating my blog from Kuala Lumpur now. OMG! Yesterday is super scary day, we got an accident on the road. Our car got hit by a huge lorry.. T.T I really scared that time, i kept on saying “OMG! OMG” and my heart pounding and my mind can’t stop praying/ hoping that everything will be ok. Luckily it was jam and the lorry hit on the right side of passenger door behind, not too hard but still stick on my mind about that cracking sound. In the end we went to traffic police HQ and reported accident. What a day! Lesson learnt! Feel blessed as nothing happen to us, thanks God.

Anyway, enjoy this third series of Classy and Chic, featuring another origami pencil dress from lovebonito and of course my favourite Loubs nude heels and PS11 bag. Ah, i think no need further introduction for this look.. Hope you like this look and always wishing my ootd will give you new idea and something refreshing (even tho the same typical style, lol!) Enjoy! 🙂

OOTD Detail:
– Dress: Oliviene Origami Dress (Forest Colour), find at lovebonito
– Bag: Proenza PS11 Classic Mini in Grey, from Reebonz
– Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 85mm
– Accessories: Double Pearls Earrings from Vainicious, Bracelet and Necklace from H&M, Bracelet from Bottega Venetta

– Eyelashes c/o michebloominsg — Those lashes are so soft, light and comfy!


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