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Part Time Job/ Internship in Singapore Part 2

Yeah, i know how tough it is to find a perfect internship.
Well perhaps its’ happen 6 years ago.. When i was a student on my last year university life, i decided to do an internship for my last assignment. At that point of time, i didn’t know that internships in Singapore making a BIG impact on my life even until now.. 
My decision to reside in Singapore, just simply because i had fell in love with my speciality works and fell in love with the city itself. 
Proven that after graduate, i came back to work here, in Singapore.. Yeah! Until now.. So for myself, internship in Singapore is like a life changing moment in my life. 🙂

Come back again, during student time, can you imagined how i found a company to hire me as an intern? I tell you what, at that point of time, i desperately sent e-mail to all the company related to my study subject listed in Singapore, and it’s not a few, it’s maybe almost mybe 100 e-mails i sent during that time. And painful it feel when your pass got rejected by MOM then the company who really want to hire you need to re-apply again and again until it got approved.. 
But thanks God, for a ‘golden chance’ to have my first time (ever!) oversea internship Singapore. I have never been regretted, well because it helps me to open my eyes, becoming stronger person than ever and living my own independent life.
Why do an internship in Singapore?

1. Gain exposure and learn useful skills.
Internships can give you excellent insights into the working world, and equip you with soft and hard skills outside the classroom. They can provide you with a deeper understanding of your chosen course of study and/or provide exposure to a completely different field.
2. Explore your interests and think about your future career path.
Internships are an excellent way to test-drive the career and industry that you are considering for your future career. If you are uncertain about what to do in the future, internships can be a helpful platform for you to discover your interests and strengths.
3. Enhance your CV/resume and help you become more employable.
Employers are increasingly looking out for candidates with prior work experience. Internships can give you a significant edge when applying for jobs after graduating.
4. Make valuable professional connections.
Doing an internship can connect you to a network of valuable industry contacts, which can come in useful in the future.
5. Be hired full-time.
Internships may even potentially land you your dream job even before graduating
from school.

I trust that students get to observe the current working society and be prepare to embark to the next chapter when the time comes. Singapore Internship provides a good platform for students to understand better on their future job scope and career path. They will then start to plan their directions well and be preparedto embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Once you found something you want, the will also list down all the job openings in the company for you to take a look. I think is generally quite easy to use and saves you some time from looking through one by one!
If you are interested, visit them at and may you find your dream internship Singaporeopportunity

Further info you can visit:

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