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Bali Day 3: The Haven Bali – Seminyak and Potato Head Beach Club

Hello from Seminyak.. 

Our last day in Bali, we decided to explore Seminyak area. We stayed at one bedroom suite at The Haven-Seminyak.
Shopping along Seminyak street are too boring, so we decided to spent our time to hang out at Potato Head and enjoyed sunset at Double Six beach, where we had our pre-wed shots almost 3 years ago.. 🙂

Viewing towards hotel and pool area from main reception lobby. This is frontage part of hotel, with all those hotel room type, the suite and villas types will be at the back of the hotel. And that pool area are mainly used by hotel guest.
The view from our one bedroom suite, this pool is less crowded, mybe the suite guest not as much as hotel guest. Often we enjoyed the pool by our own.
One bedroom suite is very spacious with living room, dry kitchen and our bedroom of course. ;P

The pool for the suites’ guest.
They planted a lot of this creeper plants: Vernonia elliptica

After our walks around The Haven, we went and visit Potato Head Beach Club.
We simply love the architecture facade there.. Those vintage windows and the bare concrete finish… The space in between the concrete and those exessive window allow the ray of light coming in thru is very poetic.. Love it!

Acclaimed Balinese chef Gede Susila has created an innovative menu inspired by the traditional home and street cooked food of Indonesia. The menu has two sections, beginning with a selection of small plates, ideal for sharing such as salads, curries and other appetisers. The live seafood section of the menu features larger dishes, utilising the freshest and best quality seafood the waters surrounding Bali have to offer. Guests are able to make their choice from an extensive selection of live seafood available that day with herbs, spices, sauces and traditional Indonesian accompaniments recommended by the chef. In addition grilled, roasted and braised meat dishes and a full selection of vegetables and other side dishes are available. A collection of five sambals, the traditional Indonesian sauce have been especially created and can be matched to many of the delicious dishes on offer. (Source: Potato Head website)

We ordered fresh juice, because too early to drink.. LOL!

We ordered small plates for sharing, fried rice, thai style fried chicken wing and sweet sour fish.. The portion was so little (indeed!) but they are really yummy.. So believe all good things comes in small size.. Hahaha…
OOTD in front Potato Head Beach Club
Bali sun and blue sky never fail… Always amaze me..
The beach.. Not for swimming but just enjoy it.
This place a bit overrated, sooooo many tourist here..
And maybe because this beach club is really fun, indeed!
Full Facade from outside. Those exessive windows…Y.Y
Everybody there look so relax… Some of them even sit on the ground like picnic..Yah it’s holiday anyway, everybody can do what they want.. 🙂
After had our lunch at Potato Head Beach Club and chill around for a while, we visited Seminyak shopping area for a short walk then we went back to our hotel, to get the ride to Double Six beach. The Haven Seminyak have their own beach club there and they have buggy to send you there before the sunset and pick up once the sunset finish.

It was very hot… We were facing the sun waited for sunset.
Double six beach is less crowded than Kuta beach even tho they share the same beach line.
Beach OOTD… Hubby said my dress is more for candle light dinner instead of going to beach..
People will stare. Make it worth their while.’ – Harry Winston
People were starring on my dress but i don’t care… I just need to get nice OOTD background.. The pretty sunset..
Nah… I got what i want… Loved the sunlight…
Thanks to tripod… Haha..
Damn difficult walking with dress on the sand. haha… LOL!
But for pretty shot, I CAN DO IT!
Love this #nofilter shot, sun shined my hair and glowed my skin… 🙂
After the sunset, we expect hotel buggy will pick up us and send us back to hotel and we plan to have a movie after we took shower. But sadly, the buggy came very late and we ended up walking over Seminyak street trying to find our hotel, luckily it’s was just about 20mins walk back to hotel. :'(

The next morning before our flight, we took a dip on the pool and have a mini pool photoshoot as well as OOTD shot.

Chill on the hotel Suite Pool area.
And swim a bit to burn those fat… 🙂
And this is for OOTD purpose…

Pool shot become one of my favourite haha… Because i love cute bikini.. 
OMG! I don’t wanna go back to reality, Bali is so relaxing… T.T
Till then Bali.. 🙂

Further info visit: 

The Haven Bali

Jl. Raya Seminyak 500 – Bali 

Suites & Villas

Jl. Arjuna (Jl. Double Six)
Gg. Raja, Seminyak, Bali T. +62 361 738 001
F. +62 361 738 002

The Haven Bali Seminyak Website

Potato Head Beach Club

Opening hours: 11.00 am – 2.00 am

Jln. Petitenget
Seminyak, Bali 80361
t. +62 (361) 473 7979

Potato Head website


Opening hours: 5.30 pm – midnight

Jln. Petitenget
Seminyak, Bali 80361
t. +62 (361) 473 7979

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