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Flenco Spa Product Review: Flen Tea Tree Body Scrub and Hawaa Dusk Passion Soy Lotion Candle


Flenco introduce the finest Dead Sea products, known as C-Products, from Jordan to Asia.
By blending the secrets of the Dead Sea with the unique benefits of Asian oils and Chinese medicine, Flenco created an entirely new line of products, designed for the Asian climate. They named them Flen Natural Skin Care. To make them as eco-friendly as possible, all Flen products are bottled in recycled glass containers.

Say NO to chemicals; switch to all natural skin care. If you eat organic food, but rub chemicals all over your skin, your body is still taking in harmful substances! Flenco is made from all natural ingredients that will keep your skin looking soft, supple and youthful! 

I can’t live without spa..
And i am a spa products user, been using scrubs and oil for my weekly home spa ritual. And i really addicted to scrub. They are giving good benefit for my body, helps the blood circulation, lighten my cellulites and stretch marks on my thighs. Been trying lots of scrubs and i found this product: Flen Tea Tree Body Scrub. At first i saw the packaging i knew that i will like this product, the bottles are sooo vintage (my favourite style!) and it comes with uber cute wooden spoon, well ok i don’t judge the book by its cover, so here is my review..

FLEN BODY SHAPERS are a blend of unique compositions of precious essential oils, Dead Sea salts and pure plant extracts that will restore the balance of your body and spirit, giving you strength and beauty.


This Tea Tree Body Scrub blended with exfoliating Dead Sea Salt granules, almond jojoba and avocado gently invigorates and revitalises leaving your skin polished, renewed and glowing.
Enhanced with Tea Tree oil it contains properties that help fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. It also has a soothing effect which helps to calm irritation and redness.

Suitable for pregnant women or those with sensitive skin. To be used weekly.
Price for 450g: S$70.00

I love using scrubs as one of my body treatment. Flen Tea Tea Body Scrubs’ ingredients: Dead sea salt, prunus amygdalus Dulcis., Simmondsia chinensis, Persea gratissima, isopropyl, Myristate, aromatheraphy oils, Tea Tree essential oil.
Scrub helps my skin smoother and free from stubborn back pimples.
I always love my smooth back, all thanks to my regular scrubs treatment.
And this Flen product not only helps to smoothen the skin, it also helps to firming.  Frankly speaking due to my weight loss some of stretch mark left on inner thigh, somehow i always trust scrub to help refine those stretch mark lines. Well i am still trying this product, will update if it really works on stretch marks as well.. 🙂
But the most important effect, this Flen Body Scrub revitalises leaving your skin polished, renewed and glowing.
I can say that my skin quite sensitives, always got rashes after taking shower or when applying scrubs. When first time using this product, those problem seems disappear, this Flen Body Scrub has a soothing effect which helps to calm irritation and redness.
The texture is not sticky, when applied to skin it’s quite dry and the granules help to exfoliates skin.
I just took a little bit but it can covers a lot of body areas, the granules are a lot… Apply a small amount on dry body and scrub it.
Yup the texture is like this..
I love to apply on my arms (wish can help to shape those arms 🙂 )
And tummy…
Apply evenly with circular motion to desired the areas on your body then wash off with warm water.

What i like from this product is the texture and the smell. The texture not too sticky even though they contain aromatheraphy and Tea Tree oils so after applied it it won’t left “tacky” feeling on the skin. I’ve been trying few scrubs brand and so far this is the most favourite. And i really like the smell, maybe due to aromatheraphy oils, creates calming and relax feeling. It makes you feel like you are doing spa at 5 star resort.. Well it’s based on my personal experience when trying this product.. 🙂

Variant for Flen Body Shapers


Candles that become perfume.
Each candle has an exotic aroma that burns into a scented perfume for the body. The rich and unique scents evoking passion and love melt into a soft soy wax, which is also a long-lasting moisturizer when dabbed onto the skin! A perfect marriage of wind, love and passion-that’s the Hawaa secret.
Light up the candle 🙂
So ignite your candle and after 10 minutes enjoy the melted soy lotion on your skin!
Haha tried to turn off the light.. 
While waiting, play around with lighting and layout.. 🙂
“When the sun is about to set, a candle lights the way”

Yup, here is the result after the candles ignited and i blow the fire off..
Can feel the warm sensation like hot oil massage, applied onto my body. Can smell the scent of sweet jasmine with hint of freesia and citrus. The texture is quite sticky when first applying, but after awhile it feels ok and very smooth on skin.. I really moisture my dry skin part on the legs..
Variant for Hawaa Natural Soy Candles

Small (Burn-Time 30h) | S$30.00
Large (Burn-Time 90h) | S$70.00

So, you want to have your own home spa ritual, why don’t you try these Flenco products.. 🙂

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Further info about the product Flenco Tea Tree Body Scrub

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BE BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂 I love to flaunt my back, hehehe…

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