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IFairy Tofi Grey Review from store.ifairycon.com

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I’ve been using this IFairy brand for quite some times as my regular contact lenses, because their range of design and colour are very wide. And all of them make my eyes super big like doll, the biggest diameter so far i found in the market.. 

Well i am not desperate becoming doll wannabe! but this IFairy lenses are really having a very good enlarging effect, the best brand i’ve ever tried so far.. And because they are really enhance your eyes and changing overall face feature, that’s why i love this product. 
Not only that, their lenses are very comfortable. It must be the main point when you choosing your contact lenses right? Yup i can wear it for even 24hours all night long, haha.. But i don’t advise wearing it too long because your eyes need rest.. Just wear it when you need it ok? ;P

Ok here we go, the valid reasons why i choose and wear this contact lenses! 

IFairycon team from store.ifairycon.com sent me a contact lenses, i choose the range from IFairy Tofi and Grey is my favourite colour.. So far on my OOTD picture i always using their range from Eclipse series (if you are wondering). But now i am keen on trying brighter colour and create more alluring effect on eyes.. *wink*wink* (batting my eyelashes, haha).

They came in very sweet packaging and secured with bubble plastic wrap on inner side to protect them from any damage during delivery. And it comes with FREE super cute hippo case for contact lenses storage. 🙂
Unwrapping the box and found this contact lenses, i love the colour, and imagine it would be “emphasizing” my eyes.. Make sure when you buy the contact lenses with brand IFairy they have that round hologram to ensure the authenticity.

Love that “flower” pattern on the contact lens.. 🙂 The colour and pattern appear to be exact with what model wearing.. 



Brand: I.Fairy
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: One Year Disposable

The pattern so unique and the colour looks very vibrant. 
This contact lens make your eyes like “glowing” Wow!
Close up view of the contact lenses on my dark brown iris. 🙂
And how does it looks from a bit distance and direct afternoon sunlight.
I love IFairy..  And here is my look with IFairy Tofi Greymy eyes definitely look bigger and brighter. And don’t you think am i look more cute? Self praising.. LOL!

I believe every girl will look more cute like doll with those big eyes, don’t you agree with me? This big eyes contact lenses really boost my confidence and emphasizing my overall look and my facial expression..

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“The Eyes ? are the window to your soul” – William Shakespeare 

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