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Bali 2014 – Day 1: The Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua-Bali

Hola… Been procastinating this post for so long.. You know la, due to super packed schedule and of course my lazy sleepyhead.. And somehow too busy with my instagram.

But yay, officially on holiday now, where we have plenty time to do our own stuff without thinking too much about work (even tho on my head still have a glimpse of work related enquiries T.T)..

Well, let’s start about my Bali trip last November 2014. After jetstar keep on changing our flight schedule, we ended up 4 days 3 nights at Bali. And we only booked our hotel a week before we went to Bali.

We booked 3 different resort and hotel for our stay. At first, we tried to search at Agoda, but seems all the prices raised too much. But i feel so lucky that we are still keep in touch with our wedding organizer, and they helped us to arrange hotel booking and transportation during our stay. I recommend lestari tour if you are planning for a trip to Bali or Bali wedding.

Reached Bali again after 2 years our Bali wedding, we arrived on a new Bali Ngurah Rai international airport, just built a year ago. Not much different about Bali except few new resorts and few new hangout places (cafes or restaurants).
Bali for me still a humble place with a rich local culture.. So easy for me because it’s still part of my country, yay.. An alternative relaxing place if you are looking for beach getaway, except Phuket or Krabi.

We were craving for local Balinese food, so we went to Nusa Dua area for “Dirty Duck”. It’s a restaurant serving crispy duck with 3 types of chili. We were enjoying foods there everytime we went Nusa Dua area, the foods are not bad and the price stilll very reasonable. And you can stroll along the white sand beach behind the restaurant.

I can’t talk too much, please enjoy the picture.. ;P

Taking an ootd here with my open back stripe dress.. Love to take back ootd, LOL!
Second view of my back ootd.. LOL!!!
We seated at ‘bale’ where you have to take off your shoes and sit on the weaved mat covered floor. The table is very low and expect you to sit by crossing your leg while eating.  The ‘bale’ decorated with wooden carved ducks, so cute. 
Here we go our humble local Balinese food and drinks: Nasi Campur Bali, Crispy Duck, chilies, Urap (raw longbean and bean sprout mixed with shredded coconut and local spices), Balinese coffee for hubby..
Nasi Campur Bali (litterally mean Balinese Mixed Rice) is the local Balinese cuisine; rice served with shredded  chicken, Satay Lilit (fish satay), Urap, Perkedel Jagung (Fried corn on flour), Beef, and Prawn Crackers.
Satay Lilit made from fish, sometimes they wrapped it on lemongrass stick, taste similar like fishcake.
Homemade chili: Top left is Sambal Matah: Raw cut shallot with green chili and red chili on oil; Top right is mixed cut chili red and green; Bottom is cooked red chili.
Crispy duck, the skin, the meat and the bones are super crispy and tasty. Yummm… Writting this remind me of the duck.. LOL!
Hungry me.. Chewing my own ‘watermelon’ phone case, hahaha.. Pardon my messy hair..
Strolled along the beach behind the Dirty Duck Restaurant.
We had our first night stay at The Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua – Bali. We knew that this resort a bit overrated because so many people post about this resort on social media.. 
Mulia is the hotel chain from mulialand, at first i know when i visit Mulia Hotel near to Senayan Jakarta. So i expected the style are more or less same. And a colleague told me before that Mulia Bali will be more to city hotel style.

But when you been there and you will believe it is something different than other resort in Bali.. We admit that The Mulia Resort is more to city hotel in Bali, with modern touch for all finishes and furniture. Oh well but we are happy to stay there.. The service was superb and the security is above the expectation. You can expect to find at least one or two guards within a hundred meters away.. LOL!

This property divided into three different facilities: The Mulia Suites, The Mulia Resort and The Mulia Villas. We choose staying at The Mulia Resort Grandeur.  

And here we go, finally arrived at The Mulia Resort. They only allowed for guest to check in at 3pm but well 2pm they managed to clear room for us. Upon check in, they gave us welcome drink voucher to be redeemed at one of their cafe. We decided to get our welcome drink at Sky Bar while waiting for check in to our room.. Sky Bar located on the second floor facing Indian Ocean. That time was super hot day but super breezy there.. 

We had a fruit cocktail for our welcome drink. Pardon my touristy outfit and accessories.. Hahaha..
The view from waiting lobby.

And this set of grand concrete ‘Guardian’ sculpture at The Mulia Suites. Saw few people had afternoon tea on the cafe there, but those afternoon tea are for The Mulia Suites guest only.. Since we are staying at The Mulia Resort, we were not entitled for this afternoon tea.. T.T
Walked thru pool area, and we saw those “Guardian” concrete sculpture with water spouts. This sculpture seems to be the resort signature.

Accessories flatlay by the pool. Necklace c/o lylaig, Amber Sceats swirl ring, Charles and Keith Shades, Straw hat from carousell and i picked a fresh frangipani flower for Balinese feel, hohoho..
And their pools are superb, big, long and quiet.. They have lots of pools, the most pools so far i found in a resort… This pool is located just below lobby level, still with their signature ‘guardian’ concrete sculpture.
Rubble limestone feature wall and striking colour bougainvillea.. Such a contrast..
Coconut trees, cocoloba bushes and Scaveola hedges.. Perfect tropical look.. with bare concrete floor finish.
The white sand beach with daybeds and sunbrella.
Dipping on beach pool..
Frolicking around pool..
Red lips alert..!!!
Play water and strike poses, cannot stop.. ;P
The guardian drip the ‘holy water’ into the pool.. LOL! Kidding.. ;P
Had dessert at Mulia Deli after swimming.
The Mulia Resort having their own pattiserie cafe… So cool.. 🙂
Seeing all pretty and cute dessert make me happy.. :’D
We had our tiramisu and blueberry eclair, accompanied with fresh white Phalaenopsis orchid..
Everywhere fresh flowers.. Sooooo pretty… <3 br=””>

And here we go.. The Grandeur Room at Mulia Resort..

Not much different than other 5 stars hotel facilities..
Strike a pose at bathtub.. Not sexy hope u don’t mind haha..
The vanity counter tad too small for us, haha.. mybe bcos i have lots of stuff. But the most special one is the automatic toilet seat.. We found the most modern toilet so far, very advance, haha, or maybe i am too late, perhaps other place have it already.. The toilet seat not only able to open by itself, there a few button beside to control water to wash (right, left, top, bottom, etc, lol!) and flush..
Sofa, fluffy bed and pillow.. and so on.

And we ended our first day by having our dinner at Soleil. Had local delight, pork satay and fried rice.

They served bread and butter for entree..
Our dinner..
Fried rice with chili.. served with prawn, chilies, fried chicken and omelette.
Pork satay, the meat very tender served with warm peanut sauce.
After had our dinner, we strolled along the pool area.. Love the lighting here..
And those light from lanterns
So serene pool at night, with the guard again.. 
On the left is Soleil Restaurant and on the right is the pool beach area, the pathway leading to resort and main lobby.
Dining area part of Soleil.
Night view from Harmony chapel towards lobby.
And again the night view of those “guardians”
And here we go.. Our second day at The Mulia Resort..
Breakfast at The Mulia Resort in the morning, lots of choices: Japanese sushi bar, western foods, local foods, chinese foods. This picture didn’t justify the whole breakfast haha, we ate a loooottt, those are only dessert for me.. Eating too much and feeling guilty after that.. :'(
Breakfast table decorated with fresh flowers.
Blur me behind.. LOL!
Morning stroll within this Scaevola planting.. Well they plant this species  over the beach and pool area. A bit too much and less variety.. Oooppsss my landscape mind start to comments..
We visited one of their chapel, Harmony Chapel. Mulia having 2 wedding chapels, another one is Eternity Chapel, near to entrance area.
The view from Harmony Chapel, there is a beach bar on the center.
Front view of Harmony Chapel.
View towards lobby area from Harmony Chapel.
Soleil, one of their dining place.. We had our dinner here for satay and fried rice, the food there was really good and the price were reasonable.
Path to beach from The Mulia Suites.. Decorated with lanterns.
from where i stand..
That concrete guardian sculpture.. And the Mulia Suites behind.
The Mulia Suites..
Can you spot me?
Me again.. LOL!
That back view with those guardians..
Can i live like this everyday please….
:))) H-A-P-P-Y
Strike a pose again on my h n m beyonce bikini, hohoho…
Didn’t forget those frangipani flower as an accent..
Yeah, i don’t want to go out of pool.. T.T

I wish never ending holiday please.. 🙂 Dipped on kids pool with unique fleur de lis pool tile pattern..

Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan,
Kawasan Sawangan
Nusa Dua 80363 Bali, Indonesia.

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