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“life is a sunday there are bad days ahead and behind, but it’s all ok if you live for today :)” 
– Sharanya Chandran 

Well, can say that we are addicted to ootd and detail shots. And we had put a lot of efforts for those shots.. And we will never STOP and for sure keen to improve better quality picture and ootd.
Saving money to buy better lens for hubby. We take this photo shot activity very seriously, and we bring normal ootd shot to next level.. – *wink*wink* – (am i heard like advertising or what? LOL!) 

A funny story behind this ootd shots. Strolled along Kuala Lumpur town area and argued about place for ootd. We tried to walk into old train station but got lost. I was super tired walking here and there and we ended up at Jalan Raja Chulan old colonial house. At first we thought is an abandoned houses but when we parked there suddenly came out of nowhere the guard asked for RM6 parking fee.. Sigh, while other area can just park for free..

Talking about this outfit, no further introduction, i really love prints on this dress, always love mirrored prints and the colour tone is cool. Even tho the length is too short (IMHO!) but love the ruffles detail on the hem, it’s simply my style, yeah!

Matched this get up with my *new* Nine West nude heeled sandal. Got it during discount at Nine West outlet in Pavilion-Kuala Lumpur. Being up and down looking for this heeled sandal because my size no stock in Singapore outlet.. :'(  
FYI, in Asia, my feet size consider very common and shoes on my size are always finish so fast @.@.. Perhaps when i live in western country, my feet will always be the smallest and shoes with my feet size always on discount because nobody buy over there, hahaha.. XD

Complete this look with pretty Faye leather bracelet from Vainicious and Curcio Gold Clutch from lovebonito.. 🙂

Ah, it’s too late now, i need some beauty sleep, and tomorrow have to wake up early for church. Hubby will go outstation again for business trip, hope my Sunday not too boring then.. T.T

OOTD Detail:
– Rebekah Monotone Digital Print Waisted White/Grey from thescarletroom
– Rings from Lovisa
– Estrilada Heeled Sandal from Nine West, you can get it at Zalora
– Faye Leather Bracelet from Vainicious
– Curcio clutch from lovebonito
– Ciate Nail polish in Boudoir from Sephora

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